Study Shows: Pregnancy Makes You Look Younger


Ever wondered why we see pregnant women having that glowing skin and full-of-volume hair? Being pregnant seemingly gives that special glow or some kind of rejuvenating effect, on mums-to-be. Well, this “pregnancy glow” has now been explained by science.

“New research published in the journal Fertility and Sterility shows that pregnancy can help women repair damaged tissue in their bodies, which becomes more of a challenge for people as they age. Apparently it’s the blood sharing between baby and mom-to-be that helps this faster tissue regeneration happen.

MRI scans showed differences in parts of livers that had been transplanted into groups of mice who were both pregnant and not. The study, done at Hebrew University’s Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem, showed that young mice regrew the tissue quickly, while the older ones took much longer. But when an older mouse was pregnant, she regrew that liver tissue at rate more than twice as fast as she otherwise would have. The paper called it a “rejuvenating effect” of pregnancy.”

“Previous research by the same team found that pregnancy can help repair muscles with the effect lasting about two months after the baby is born.”

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