Top 10 Reasons for Telling Bedtime Stories


Here are some reasons why you should make time for enjoyable bedtime stories every night:

1. Pacifying. Bedtime stories are simply soothing and calming. Like adults, kids too have a hard day at school or learning. So, they really deserve some tales to tone them down.

2. Improves vocabulary. While you may provide workbooks to improve your kid’s English, reading stories too will expand their vocabulary and learn new words.

3. Moral values. Every story has its decent teaching that kids can learn and respect. ‘The Boy Who Called Wolves’ conveys the message that kids must not tell lies or make jokes on others.

4. Closer relationships. Won’t you think reading bedtime stories to your kid will encourage bonding? Carry on this relationship and be sure your kid will be more open to share their feelings and opinion with you as they grow.

5. Improves reading and spelling ability. Take this opportunity to take turns and read out loud. By practicing reading, you can improve your kid’s reading standards. Reading repeatedly will also improve spelling ability.

6. Appreciating pictures. Rest assured, that bedtime story’s pictures, graphics or images are more family-friendly; unlike some violent or indecent exposure from TV or internet which can catch them by surprise.

7. Learn to draw. As they learn to appreciate pictures from the bedtime stories, it is a good way to start them on drawing and coloring. A great way to start is to let them copy draw their favorite teddy bear, mouse or ginger bread man from the book.

8. Encourage kid’s creativity. As you are reading through a story, you can always ask your kid to imagine what would happen next. By doing so, you can understand you kid better and teach her right from wrong. Simply discuss about the story.

9. Get them excited about alphabet. Depending on her age and ability, you may want to start off with writing alphabets and followed by words then sentences they learn from the bedtime story.

10. Quiz. At the end of every story, offer some quiz questions to test their understanding. This will introduce simple assessment idea to them and improve their listening and attention skills.

Now that you have all the reasons to tell a bedtime story, why not start tonight!? Or would you have more reasons to add on?

by Justina Wang