Using Reward Charts to Encourage Positive Behavior


Are you struggling to get your child to brush everyday? Would you like to cultivate good habits of starting your child to take greens everyday? A great way to encourage positive behavior is to use a Reward Chart. 

If you have not already started a reward chart for your preschooler, it is a great time to do so. A reward chart is used to encourage positive behavior from a child by rewarding stickers. Areward chart is also known as a good girl or good boy chart and can be used as early as 2.5 years old.

Creating the chart:
Within the chart, create few fields of good behavior on the top row which you think your child can achieve. Examples of good behavior are like learn reading, self-feeding, eating fruits and vegetables, self-dress up and so on. Tabulate these criteria against the days’ column on the left. You would also need to create empty rows and columns for stickers. Lastly, give a name to the chart for e.g. Jasmine’s Good Girl Chart. This chart may use up to a month so ensure the stickers you use are small in size to fit in. Get exciting reward stickers which your child likes e.g. Mickey Mouse or Barney. You can also create theme reward charts by placing pictures you can find. Isn’t it a great idea to have Mickey Mouse theme chart when you have Mickey Mouse stickers?

Implementing the Chart:
Once you’ve got the chart printed out, explain to your child that he can get stickers on the chart if he shows any of the good behavior on a particular day. It is always best to review his behavior with him at bedtime and discuss about the deserving stickers to be placed on the chart. Understandably, if your child fails to achieve a sticker for a particular criterion, encourage him to try again and help him the following day by reminding him about the reward chart.
Always place the chart at a noticeable wall so that both of you will be reminded about the campaign.

Extra Excitement:
1. It is optional for you to provide a small treat or gift if your child is able to achieve a particular number of stickers according to your criteria. It can be something like a new pencil or a balloon.
If you are clueless on how to create a chart or have not’t got time to do so, visit author’s website to download four free exciting theme reward charts.

Justina Wang