All About Cot Safety


A cot is one of the most important baby items to purchase. In the early months, your baby will be spending more than half the time sleeping in his cot. Thus it is crucial to ensure that the cot is safe for the baby to sleep in at all times.

Using a dropside cot can make taking your baby out and putting him in much more convenient. To ensure that your baby’s cot is always safe, parents are encouraged to heed the following and latest advice on cot safety…

  • Ensure that the cot is set up on an even and stable surface. Follow the user guide to assemble the cot.
  • Make sure that all the fittings are tight. Check regularly and tighten them if needed. Only use fittings which are supplied with the cot.
  • Ensure that the drop side operates smoothly. The bedding used within the cot should not restrict the movement of the drop side.
  • Do not force the dropside when lowering or lifting it back up. Good dropside mechanisms are usually two-action, thus it is essential to operate the dropside according to the user guide.
  • Check the dropside regularly for signs of wear or disengagement. Stop using the cot if the dropside is damaged or unable to function well.
  • If the mechanism is not operating properly anymore, do not attempt to fix it. Check the user guide for troubleshooting or call for product support.
  • When handling or moving the cot, always do it with care. Do not drag the cot as it can cause damage to it.
  • If you are dismantling the cot for storage and for future use, ensure that all the parts are stored flat. Always include the user guide so that you can refer to it when you assemble it in future.
  • Do not attempt to assemble your baby’s cot without a user guide. Most companies should be able to provide you with one should you lose it. Otherwise, it might mean that the cot is too old to be used again.


  1. US bans drop-side cots over safety concerns.
    Baby deaths prompt US to ban drop-side cot design.

    The sale or manufacture of drop-side cots and cribs will be banned in the US from June 2011, following the deaths of at least 32 babies since 2000.
    The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) voted unanimously to bring in the new rules, which will stop the selling of ‘dangerous, traditional drop-side cribs’ and make mattress supports stronger.
    More rigorous safety testing will also be introduced for cots in the US, making them, according to Consumer Reports – the US counterpart of Which? – among the most stringent in the world.