Should You Use a Second Hand Car Seat?


For driving parents, an infant car seat or child car seat is another important investment to make in preparation of your baby’s arrival. For the safety of your baby, parents are strongly advised to use an infant car seat when bringing home their newborn baby from the hospital.

As a car seat does not usually come cheap, parents often wonder if it’s alright to purchase a second hand car seat for their baby. While a second hand infant car seat may seem like a reasonable choice for those on a budget, there are some significant risks to consider…

  • The history of the car seat is unknown. If it’s been involved in an accident, the internal structure of the seat might be damaged and be very dangerous to use again, even if the impact was minimal.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene are issues to consider, especially for a newborn baby with delicate skin.
  • There may be a lack of instructions on how to properly install the car seat, which will be a serious factor for the safety of your baby.
  • Not all car seats are suitable for all types of cars, thus buying a second hand one may not necessarily fit in yours.
  • Wear and tear of a second hand car seat may also not provide the right level of protection for your baby.

If you do decide to purchase a second hand car seat, do consider the following:


  • Can you trust this person?
  • Has this particular model of car seat been on the market for very long?
  • Does it come with a user guide?
  • Has it been in an accident before?

If you are unsure of any of the above, it might be a better idea to invest a little more money in a brand new car seat. The extra money might be worthwhile for the utmost safety and protection of your little one.