Creating a Pregnancy Journal


Pregnancy is a special time in a women’s life that deserves to be documented. If you are expecting, creating a journal is a great way to document your 10-month journey. Don’t wait until the baby is born to start a journal. If you’re wondering about the relevance of staring one early, these tips will inform you of the benefits.

A leading OB-GYNE claims that ‘thoughts and memories fade away, but events documented will forever be there.’ Recording your day to day thoughts will be rewarding years down the line when you might be feeling nostalgic.

Keeping a daily record about your health condition can come in handy during another pregnancy. No two pregnancies are alike, but it might prove useful to compare such data as length of pregnancy, weight gain, or problems encountered during a certain stage.

A journal can be a great family relic to show your child once he or she is older. Children’s natural curiosity will eventually lead to questions about how you felt and what you did while you were holding them in your tummy. A journal will be a great way to recollect experiences you have not thought about in a while.

Many bookstores and online stores sell ready-made journals. They come in a variety of prices; simply choose the one you like best and that suits your budget. A number of specialty journals catering to solo mothers and mothers with non-traditional partners also exist. The reality of today’s world is that not every child will grow up with a traditional father. During turbulent times, a journal can be a useful ally for those doing it alone.

Those with a creative streak can create their own journal. Rewarding as well as practical, creating your own custom-designed journal is more likely to cater to your personal preferences than a store bought product. Writers can include lined paper, while artists can include blank
paper suitable for doodling. Go-getters can find a host of supplies in their local craft stores and

Those who have relatives, friends, or even partners living abroad can utilize a computer to create an online journal. Sharing through e-mail is easy with just a simple file attachment or a few clicks of a button to ‘copy and paste’ your work to the body of the e-mail.

If you’re wondering what to include in your journal, the more detailed your entries the better. Seemingly mundane details such as belly size, food cravings, and ultrasound pictures will be cherished later on. Make sure to include photos of yourself while pregnant as well.

Pregnancy doesn’t just affect the nuclear family. Friends, extended relatives, and even distant acquaintances all feel the joy of life while you are pregnant. Ask family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors to create notes for your baby. Include their pictures or any crafts they made for your journal. Snap shots during memorable family occasions. Many years down the line your child will see that many have anticipated his or her birth.

Finally, include a personal letter to your baby documenting your experiences, hopes and dreams. Your child will be sure to know that you loved him or her instantly. It is this personal touch, rather than the format of the journal, that makes it a treasured keepsake.