MummySG’s Supermom of the Month: Samantha Bek


As April starts the second quarter of this year, it only means that there’s the newest addition to MummySG’s league of supermoms who will proudly wear her status like a badge of honor. Meet Samantha Bek, another woman who takes on the selfless and unconditional responsibility to nurture the physical and emotional well-being of her kids and a woman who successfully manages, not only her household, but also her business amid the chaos of juggling her various tasks. Yes, she must really have some tricks up her sleeve. Well, she is a Supermom, after all!

Samantha is called Sam by her close friends, and Teacher Samantha by everyone else, especially, at work. She has two children, a daughter at 5, and a 9-month old baby boy. Her love for children isn’t limited to her kids but to all children in general, as she wants to provide them a warm, and loving environment for learning and development. Thus, in 2007, she decided to put up her preschool and enrichment center, Giving Tre3.

Here is Samantha’s interview:

Are you a working mother or stay-at-home mother?
I’m a working mother. I gave birth to my second child (a boy) in June last year, took care of him for about 6 months and now I’m back to work!

What influenced your decision to work/stay at home?
Firstly, I wanted to contribute to the family financially too and I have always had a strong passion to work with children and when the opportunity came up for me to start my own business, I grabbed the chance as having my own business allows me to be more flexible in time management and I can get to spend more time with my family.

What sacrifices did/do you have to make to work/stay at home?
Of course the initial part of the business is always the toughest. My preschool and enrichment centre is only 4 months old. I wouldn’t say that I made sacrifices as with this arrangement, I can choose to work from home and spend time with my boy if I want to. I guess the only sacrifice is money as I had to use my savings for the business.

Do you feel that your child is missing out on anything because you work/stay at home?
My mum and mother-in-law are wonderful grandmas and has volunteered to help me with my boy when I’m not at home. I am grateful that they have worked out a schedule and take turns to look after my boy when I head off to work. Of course, I know that right now, I can spend more time with my children if I am at SAHM, but unfortunately, I have to work so thankfully, my job is quite flexible and I can get to spend time with them as well.

How do you think your relationship with your child would differ if you worked/stayed at home?
I think that my boy would definitely get to benefit more if I am a stay at home mum as I have more time with him. The bonding would be much stronger between the both of us. But I feel that the current arrangement is acceptable and actually, I quite like it that he is close to his grandmas as well.

What would be your ideal situation (stay home, work part-time, work full-time)?
My ideal situation is having a flexible work arrangement like what I’m having now. I like working and contributing to the early childhood industry. So I look forward to the business stabilizing and I can have more flexibility from work.

How do you view mothers who work/stay at home?

I think that all mothers are wonderful and fantastic women. It is really not easy being a mother, wife, and having to work all at the same time. And if you do not have the luxury of having help at home, it can get quite tough at times. But being a mother is a self-fulfilling job. So I think that be it if you are staying at home or working, we mothers are the best!

Have you ever or will you join any baby/toddler classes?
So far I have not joined any baby/toddler classes. I may consider sending my boy for short classes like weekly 1 hourly sessions just for him to have fun and make friends!

What skills do you think your child could/has gained from these types of classes?
I think the children get to benefit from the interaction and exposure to things that cannot be replicated at home. They get to play with other children and learn in a group setting.

What is the best piece of advice that you can give to all mums out there who do like you do or even those who don’t?
I think that whatever situation that you mummies are in, we mean the world to our kids so even if you have to work full time, don’t feel guilty! Make it up by putting in extra effort to be with them during the weekends and weekday evenings. I believe in creating a balance between work and family so try not to bring work home if you can. Time at home should be spent with your family. And that includes our hubbies as well! Keep up with the great work!

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If you are interested to send your kids ( ages from 18 months – 4 years old) to Samantha’s preschool and enrichment center, Giving Tre3, kindly give them a call at 97771645.

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