MummySG’s Supermom of the Month: Sophia Ng


Now that it is already the start of the second half of the year, we couldn’t help but feature a mum who would definitely wow and catch your breath. We definitely want to make a good and lasting first impression for the second half! As you all noticed, our growing list of Supermoms is getting more and more interesting. We need not only feature mumpreneurs but also mums who have impeccable talents and skills. Talking about impeccability, meet our awe-inspiring, breath-taking mummy: Sophia Ng.

May God bless the works of her hands as Mummy Sophia has an inimitable gift in creative design that she showcases on her website, The Impeccable. She works as a full-time creative designer and a mother to three (in her own words) “absolutely lovely monsters,” namely, Scarlett, Seraphina and Sheldon. Being a mum for almost five years, it never seemed to bore her as she enjoys each moment she gets to spend with her children. She also loves reading and fashion, but most of all, she loves baking with her kids.

In Greek, Sophia is “Sophos,” which means wisdom. As a mother, Mummy Sophia shows how wise she is through the decisions that she makes. Truly, a woman of substance. Read her interview below and be inspired:

Are you a working mother or stay-at-home mother
? I am a working mom.

What influenced your decision to work/stay at home? I want to provide a better roof for my 3 children

What sacrifices did/do you have to make to work/stay at home? It is the time that I missed out in the day with them.

Do you feel that your child is missing out on anything because you work/stay at home? Yes, they miss out precious bonding time

How do you think your relationship with your child would differ if you worked/stayed at home? They would be better taken care of as mom knows best; we would definitely be closer than before.

What would be you ideal situation (stay home, work part-time, work full-time)? To work from home ๐Ÿ™‚

How do you view mothers who work/stay at home?Mothers who work, they give up a lot and mothers who stay at home, they give even more.

What advice would you give to a parent who is struggling with the decision to work or stay home? Just follow your heart

Have you ever or will you join any baby/toddler classes?
Yes, speech and drama for toddlers.

What skills do you think your child could/has gained from these types of classes?
The exposure, the cultivation of confidence and patience at the same time through interaction with others

What is the best piece of advice that you can give to all mums out there who do like you do? Always follow your heart. There’s only one childhood and itโ€™s up to you to make it magical.

Mummy Sophia also added, โ€œMy children have made me understood the importance of what matters and what doesn’t. My aim in life is to teach them that being happy is the best thing that they could do for themselves. โ€œ

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