Pregnancy Symptoms


Each women go through different experiences during pregnancy. While there are some who had difficulties especially in the first trimester, some breeze through it until the baby gets born. But how do you know if you’re pregnant? Taking a pregnancy test is the best way to know if you are but if you haven’t yet, there are symptoms that can point to the possibility of you being pregnant.

Early pregnancy symptoms can occur within 6-12 days upon conception. It is when the fertilized egg will start implanting itself in your uterus. What should you look out for? Here are some of the common symptoms. You may feel some or all of them. You must remember though that some of these symptoms may be caused by some other things so it is still important to get the much needed pregnancy test to confirm.

Missed Period
This is one of the sure sign of pregnancy especially if you get your period regularly. If you have an irregular period, you will most likely lose track of when the next one will be due. A missed period will often prompt you to have a pregnancy test. However, there are other reasons too why a woman’s period get delayed. It can be because of stress or other hormonal problems.

Abdominal Cramps
When the fertilized egg moves toward the uterus and implants itself in the uterine wall, a woman may experience cramps that are somewhat similar to what they have before the start of the period. Sometimes this is accompanied by spotting or bleeding. Best if you see your doctor when this happens.

Tender Breasts
You will notice that your breasts feel fuller than they used to be and your nipples become very sensitive and tender. This happens because of the hormonal change. You will also notice that your areola starts to darken.

In the early stages of pregnancy, you will find yourself feeling tired and exhausted all the time. Blame it on the hormones because your body is working hard to support the developing baby in your tummy.

Morning Sickness / Nausea
The change in the hormone levels can cause the woman to experience morning sickness or nausea. This is a little tricky though because some women experience this symptom not just in the morning but anytime throughout the day.

Cravings / Food Aversion
If you are craving for certain food then this can also be a sign that you’re pregnant. The change in hormone levels can affect your sense of taste. Sometimes you will even find yourself hating the food that you once love.

Sense of Smell
The hormonal changes during pregnancy can heighten your sense of smell. Like for example, scents that never bothered you before end up bothering you now. It can be the smell of your own perfume or the smell of fried chicken.

Frequent Urination
You find yourself heading to the bathroom more often to wee. This usually happens when you are on your sixth week of pregnancy. The pregnancy hormone causes the increase in blood supply in the pelvic area. Because of this, your bladder becomes irritable and you end up passing even small amounts of urine. However, you need to go see your doctor if you feel any pain or any burning sensation while urinating.

Have you found yourself checking all things on our checklist? Maybe it’s time to visit your doctor and get some test. And if you are, isn’t it a great way to start the new year, with a BIG BANG?

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