A Safe Home Is a Great Abode


Those tiny toes that once were kicking inside your tummy are already starting to make their way to every corner of your house and it’s a great feeling for us mums. However, this is also a wake-up call for us to start baby-proofing every corner of our humble abodes. Yes, every corner. But don’t worry; MummySG has tips to make every room safer for your little one.


  • When there’s no one to supervise the baby, remove the hanging toys from the crib as they may be decorative hazards.
  • Remove all stuffed animals and unnecessary blankets from your baby’s crib.
  • Make sure that the crib is nowhere near the windows.
  • If you’re planning to use an old crib, make sure that you have checked its current state. Check for broken slats, loose hardware and include soft bedding.
  • If you have older children, make sure that their toys are not in reach of the younger ones. If you need a toy box, choose the one with no lid, or with safety hinges and lightweight lid that allow it to be opened and closed gently.

Living Areas

  • Always check the floor for small objects such as pins, buttons, coins and nails which could be swallowed by your baby.
  • Tape down or Tie-up long electrical cords.
  • Make sure that tools and hairdryers are unplugged and out of reach.
  • Keep sharp objects away from high traffic areas.
  • Have a safety gate installed at the top and bottom of the stairs.


  • Never leave mouse traps in places where your baby can find them.
  • Cleaning supplies should be kept in a high cabinet rather than under the sink. If you have dangerous products under the sink, make sure your cabinet door has a child-proof lock.
  • Oven doors should ALWAYS be locked.
  • Even if you find those magnets cute on the refrigerator, you should not use them as they can fall down and your little one could swallow one.
  • When cooking, always use back burners if possible. Make sure that you also turn the handles of pans and pots toward the back of the stove.


  • Make sure that the faucet is covered with a spout guard to protect your baby from bumps.
  • Place your bathroom cleaning supplies out of your children’s reach. For safekeeping, lock it in a cupboard or on a high shelf. You may want to install a toilet lid locks on the toilet too.
  • Prevent slips and falls with slip-resistant and nonskid mats.
  • ALWAYS remember that babies can drown in very little water. So, never leave water standing in the sink, bath or even a bucket.
  • ALWAYS keep the bathroom door closed and install a protective doorknob cover so your little one can’t get in without you.

We, at MummySG, believe that baby-proofing your home is essential to keeping your babies safe. This may be a long list Mums, but it’s all worth it.

In case we missed out on some other baby-proofing tips, you may want to SHARE how you do it in your home. Mums?

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***This article is written by Mhagie Samson-Mariano for www.MummySG.com
****Image Source: http://cdn.sheknows.com/articles/crave/baby_proof.jpg

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  1. Good article, really reminds me of the small details that had overlooked.
    I’m actually am looking for a window latch thingy where it stops the window from opening too big. Similar to like a door latch that are found in hotels door. Anyone have any idea where to get it?