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Kudos, Super Mum! After 9 challenging months, you have given this world another beautiful creature! But, will you be saying goodbye to your sleepless nights? Will “becoming a new parent” be an easy ride for you? The truth is, giving birth is just the start of a long but wonderful journey of motherhood.

You may have frustrations as a result of PPD and one of those would be feeling clueless about your baby’s needs and wants. Does a soft, whimpering cry means he’s getting hungry? Or he’s got a wet diaper? What about that loud screech you heard yesterday? How about that moment when your baby rubs his/her ears?

Believe it or not, our babies are born with an urge to communicate with us. It is through their behaviour that they tell us what they need, as well as their likes and dislikes. While you’re learning to read your baby’s signals day by day, your baby is learning about you too. It’s a two-way learning process!

Your little one’s movements may look random, but every move he makes may mean something. Now, how would you know if he wants something?

Your baby wants to be fed
Some babies suck on their fingers, hands or fists. You may also find him turning his head strongly to one side while opening his mouth (he may also be looking for your nipple) which is called rooting.

Your baby needs a break
He might be uninterested to play or respond to you. He will give very clear “disengaging” signals such as turning his head away, coughing, kicking or arching his back. Most of the time, your baby will cry or fuss when he’s tired. More subtle cues may be yawning, frowning and wrinkling his forehead.

Your baby’s lonely

Babies usually find things to look at, so they don’t have to be entertained constantly. At times, your baby may enjoy his short quiet times to explore his surroundings. You may notice him looking and searching around for something interesting to stare at. You know he’s ready for some company when you see him in a calm state with a wide-eyed look.

Your baby’s too cold or too hot
Depending on the temperature, remember that your baby needs the same amount of clothing that you wear. Feel the back of his neck to find out if he’s feeling cold or hot. Check his skin color too. If you see that it’s marked with red patches, it could mean that his body is adjusting to the temperature.

Your baby wants his nappy changed
For some babies, having a wet or soiled nappy is just fine, but others feel uncomfortable about it. Your little one will let you know through his behaviour. He may start crying, look away, and lose interest in playing.

Our babies may have their own way of expressing what they need/want, but we hope that the above approach helps you overcome the next challenging months. We know that it could be hard to keep calm during these times, but reminding yourself that what you’re going through is just normal can help you feel less troubled. Don’t worry Mums, this can be very stressful at first but you always have support not just from your other family members, but also from us here from MummySG.

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