12 Coolest Hacks Every Parent Should Know


Thanks to the ever-reliable Internet that parents can get to share tricks and hacks that make parenting (look) as easy as pie. Here are the 12 coolest hacks every parent should know:

1. No more boring breakfast! Your kid will sure love a breakfast that may look like snack. (=

2. Want to get a back rub from your kid? Try this out!

3. Ever thought of doing everything for your kid, but hating that very idea? Well, here’s gonna save your day!

4. Having a hard time asking your kid to not eat junk? Well, get a little creative over their food and your kid might probably not know. Ha-ha!

5. Make an easy and light snack that will make your kids love you more than ever! (Especially if they are pizza lover)

6. Here’s how you can teach your kids fraction. Incorporate it with their fave Lego blocks!

7. What about the boring Multiplication table? Naaah, this one looks much better!

8. Do you and your kid always hate untangling Barbie’s frizzy hair? Fret not because here’s THE solution!

9. Your kid will never look at spaghetti the same way again if you prepare it just like this. Pasta is Mama!

10. Here’s a trick that will make time out less stressful for your kids:

11. Leaving for abroad? Or you’re just simply sentimental? Here’s a great way to send across your thoughts:


12. A toddler is a toddler even if he’s asleep. Are you always worried that he may fall out of bed. Well then, this is for you: