Choosing the Best School for Our Children


With all the news around the globe, it seems that we are at the time and age where finding a job is no longer a walk in the park. Many students either have a problem of choosing the course they want to take or the availability of jobs they want to pursue. But thankfully, here in Singapore, by international standards, youth unemployment level can be considered low. In 2014, the annual average unemployment rate for residents aged 15 to 24 was 9.6% ( World Bank,2015).Compared to the neighbouring Asian countries, we are doing fine. But is it doing fine enough? How can it be much easier for job-seekers to find employment without wasting time and resources? How can we guarantee that students, our children, will be provided with rewarding and enriching education?

As parents, we try our best to provide for our family—and that includes giving them the best shot in education. For us, it’s not sufficient to give them food. We want to direct them to learn how to provide for their own when they grow up and leave our care. Thus, we send them to the best school. But how can we ensure that our kids will get the best education? What will suffice our children’s need for security, that when they start seeking for employment, they will not be at the bottom of the food chain? On our forum, we often see mums seeking for advice from other parents about which school they’ll send their children to. They realise that academic excellence is not the be-all and end-all gauge when it comes to training and preparing their child to the demands of real world. Parents these days are in pursuit of education that will also give their children the necessary training to apply their knowledge. And that’s where PSB Academycomes into place.

PSB Academy offers full-time diploma programmes for N,O,A-Level, Nitec and Higher Nitec students right after your child’s post-secondary education. They offer wide and comprehensive programmes that would bring about your child’s dream into reality. You can choose from their 7 full-time diploma programmes:

  • Business Administration
  • Business Administration (Accounting and Finance)
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • InfoComm Technology
  • Life Sciences (Foundation Diploma)

The quality of the programmes they provide in partnership with the world’s finest educational institutions is internationally recognised that they can ensure their students are fully prepared to respond to challenges of the real world. And this main tenet of PSB Academy’s culture, i.e., not only to enrich your child’s passion by providing excellent academic curriculum and best guidance to a successful career path but to make their future accessible and within reach, takes away the dread and anxiety from the parents. There’s no better way to secure your children’s welfare than to know that the school they go to greatly prioritises their future. Whether they pursue an engineering or business programme, your heart is at peace because you know they are trained comprehensively.

Parents also take into great consideration the kind of environment their children will learn from. With the great demand for multi-faceted schools, it’s not enough for parents to send their children to a school that nourishes their academic knowledge. Nowadays, parents are meticulously choosing from a wide list of campuses and schools that offer dynamic and vibrant culture. It definitely makes a whole lot of sense because learning does not end in the four walls of the classroom. PSB Academy prides itself into having such a diverse population and vibrant campus life where it ensures that your children will continue learning even outside the classroom.

Check out this video of PSB Academy where it shows its vibrant campus life:

On top of these criteria, parents choose the school with credibility. It is one thing to scout the internet and see random bloggers’ reviews as it is much reliable to learn that the school itself boasts of its own accreditation from various institutions. For PSB Academy, they are recognised by the following:

  • Awarded with EduTrust Certification (4 years) by the Singapore Government’s Council for Private Education
  • All their engineering programmes are accredited by Engineers Australia
  • The Master of Business Administration programme offered by PSB Academy in partnership with the Nottingham University (NU) Business School is accredited by EQUIS. EQUIS is the leading international accreditation for business schools.

To find out more of their accreditation please see this link. And to put an icing on top of those merits, PSB Academy has its own list of students who are currently studying and who already graduated that give their testimonies as to how PSB Academy helps them to progress. PSB Academy gives substantial scholarships and bursary that enable deserving students to achieve their dreams. Scholarships and bursary are awarded based upon each student’s academic potential and willingness to get involved in the campus life by sharing ideas and experiences with other students on campus from different parts of the world.

No doubt that students have been testifying about the boons and banes of the culture promoted by PSB Academy. Thus for parents, it is going to be a breeze to choose them among the long list of competing schools in the country. They have got it all.

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