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  • Hi Crystaloves,

    Can you share your birth experience with me since i'm also going to deliver in NUH. As of today, i'm 3 days passed my Edd of 24 Jan. I was waiting until i'm getting impatient and teary and a bit worried as well, but they keep asking me to wait for labour to happen naturally.

    I went to clinic on 40wks+1 day, tot they will induce me but they jus did a membrane sweep, 2cm dialated and say since my bb condition is ok, can wait. Their practise is to start induce only from 41 to 42wks. I really can't wait alrd, feel like walking in labour ward and demand for induction. I had no painful contractions yet but lost my mucus plug yesterday.

    I saw you post tat they send you home even you are 4cm dilated? How was your suituation then? i tot must admit to hospital aldry?
    Hey I'm so glad to hear from you. Yes, I still cant quite believe I'm preggie again. I truly pray for the best.
    Thanks for being happy for me. I'm in super cloud nine to be honest!
    You must be so counting down to the big day, arent ya? I'm so excited for you already!
    I didnt wanna reply in that thread because it's a happy thread. Dont wanna taint it :)

    I'll do ok. Time will heal. I'll do my part for my body and yes, I leave the rest to fate. Hope you dont worry too much. We both know worries cant help much... think positive and nature will take its course. Take care ya.
    Thanks for the encouraging message. I really appreciate it.

    I went for the excavation surgery this morning. I'm sorry to hear about your past experiences.... and good to know you're all well now. For few weeks, my baby has already stopped growing. Heartbeat stopped. Found that out on Saturday's scanning. I'm in grief surely. But I'm lucky to have supportive husband, family and friends so that's what's helping me through now. Now my focus is to get my body back to health, so I'm doing my full confinement now.

    Have a lot of questions in mind of course on this ordeal. Was in shock and didnt even ask gynae much when he shared the news to me and hubby. I can only console myself that we have no fate with this little fellow... it has decided to leave us and that is its right.

    ** i continue in next message......
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