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  • Dragon - dont u mind to share with me more about the zhu shen niang niang, i want to pay respect or shall we organize all together heheheehhehe
    HI Dragontail,
    Actually, how to address you ah? I am Chris, jus thinking do u mind we exchange contact number n stay in contact? U can join out gang to talk anything under the sun n moon. Oh I am having a Malay aunty for massage. This aunty is good. She can also help u massage so that your body can get ready for pregnancy. Maybe u can try. Let me know if u are interested.

    Hey dragontail! How have u been? Seen your post somewhere.. so happy for you that u tested positive.. take good care alright! Anything just pm me.. hehe.. really very happy for you!
    hi dragontail... hope u are feeling alright... i have been following all the posts in the thread... i was quite taken back about what happen... take good care of yourself... to be honest... im scared about my pregnancy too.. but i wanna give u some hope... there's always a miracle... i used to have 2 ectopics and 1 mc... and now... expecting at 17 weeks... afraid things would happen... i can tell from your posts you're a cheerful and strong person... Do not give up... fate will bring you to your answers....
    Hi Dragontail, hope u r doing well....what happen on ur sat appointment? If u dont sharing with me. I can be a good listener :)

    Take care of ur health k.
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