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  • Next I just want to heal my body and mind. mother in law will be helping me with the confinement after the extraction.

    This might sound "cheesy"... as much as I will do anything to have a healthy baby to start a family, I guess there's no fate with this little fellow.... Life has its way.

    So that's my story. I still feel happy for everyone in that thread really. I mean that thread is where I'm most active. I truly wish everyone and you a merry merry pregnancy!
    Thanks for the heartwarming message in the EDD thread. And I appreciate you dropping me a message here too.

    I won't talk about it in that thread... not that I'm rudely ignoring you. Haa. That's a happy thread. I dont wanna taint it in any way....

    Happy mommy should hear happy news. So I'm not sure what I'm going to say is "healthy" for you. I will filter a bit :p

    The scan result yesterday showed that the baby has no heartbeat anymore. It has been weeks since baby decided to leave me (which explained why I didnt seem to gain weight even though I was almost 18weeks).

    I have support from friends and family at this moment. So that's the most important now as I cant change what has happened. Need some time to grief of course. I believe I'm strong enough to handle it.

    ** i continue in next message as it says I typed too much!**
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