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  • Thanks. Yeah I tried the milk from Philippines. I bought it once from Malaysia. Malaysia imports the Nan Pro milk powder from Philippines.

    I didnt know and I only realised after I saw the condition of the milk powder. Singapore imports from the Netherlands. And the milk which was made in Philippines turned out to look very soapy when I shook the milk in the bottle! Full of bubbles!

    When my child drank milk...I couldn't even figure out how much milk was left. And the powder stucks to the scoop as well. I realised after comparing both milk powders that the mineral contents were different and Philippines added some extra ingredients as well.
    It's ok.

    Just curious, milk from Philippines got difference? Where else it came from? My girl is not taking Nan Pro 2 though, just curious to know.
    Oh I tried giving my child that Nan Pro 2 milk from Phillipines but it was not suitable for him. My apologies.
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