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    Milk Powder

    My son has been drinking NAN for 3 yrs.. Now he's 3 & NAN PRO has no more milk powder for 3 yrs & above.. What do you all recommend? Thanks!!
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    This is JUST OUR THREAD~~~NOC GANG cRaPPy cOrnEr

    Hello phoebii :)
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    This is JUST OUR THREAD~~~NOC GANG cRaPPy cOrnEr

    My 1st time joining this thread too... Wa.. So long never come to his forum le!!
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    1st Lego

    Hmm, i'm using the original legos! more than 100 pcs! Think it was $80+!! Very expensive but good! Got fences, animals, people in it :)
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    Why can't you accept that she and i are JUST FRIENDS?

    Some men are just insensitive. They think it's alright to have lotsa communication with some women. But when the wife mingle arnd with men by sms-ing etc, they will kpkb.. roll eyes* seriously the wife need to ask her husband to put himself in her shoes.. If he continues, ask the wife to...
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    Hw shld I sound out?

    I not into renting house to women too, esp CHINA women. Sorry but i find them kinda BLAH. Just tell her straight into her face to show respect to herself & your family by wearing bra. Where got woman not wearing bra at home when there's a man?!?! Guess she's used to staying alone.
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    Marrying Foreign Wives

    Alright alright. All is uncle tommy fault!! :P Let's peace! :)
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    Marrying Foreign Wives

    Endoh, why that quote. It's kinda disappointing.
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    Marrying Foreign Wives

    WeeFee's_Mummy, i can't agree more with you :D & sadly, only we women know how other 'women' feel really. & another sad thing is, no men know what those women are thinking in actual fact. In short, some men are just dumb. When they think they are smart. =/
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    Hair rebonding

    Hair Inn is my fav too. I always go to the arcade branch.. U can try XZ :) Not bad..
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    Marrying Foreign Wives

    I've heard too many stories bout these. & seriously, it's getting on my nerves. Alright, why so? I've friends' brothers(who are mostly in their 30s) claimed that foreign wives are not so high maintenance, much more understanding, prettier etc than Singaporean women. However i bet to differ...
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    Hair rebonding

    AMK got a home salon.... Not bad... Dye hair like $40+ only? Rebond shld be $80-$100, not too sure... I changed from Xiuzhen to her.. Nearer & better..
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    Good Anti Acne Products to recommend?

    Mario Badescu pdts definitely works like a charm. Though i have no problems on my face, but my friends who used them are being cured by them miraculously!
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    Which childcare?

    Hey mummies! Need some suggestion! Best if locate in Serangoon or Hougang. Anyone heard of Treasure Box? & when can they go to Montessori school? @ what age? Thanks! :shyxxx:
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    new here

    Welcome! Do post more! :)