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  • Hi sorry for the really late reply.
    Wonder what was your final decision?
    Nope i'm not a mummy but i work & help out at different centers so i kinda know what's it like inside.
    Yep agree united montesorri overcrowded. Too many kids in one class (dont think this is good even if the ratio is 1:5, it would be good if the ratio is like that with max kids 10- playgroup)
    Yes now it's star learners. One thing i find that star learners kids more discipline, thus can go for excursion/more activities.However, still too many kids.
    Happy family i've never been inside, but my friend put her daughters there and like it:)
    If you have no choice you have to put your child in child care ... if you do, yep i think it's too young.Maybe playgroup might be better>
    And when i looked, looks like shorthanded to me! im so worried about putting him thrre now, but i hv placed deposit.i recently went to see happy family childcare,and it feels more homely ,teachers younger and i feel better about this centre. i think u have dine research too right? can share with me your experiences? i even.start to think he.might be too young for childcare. thank u.
    Hi littlehelper,

    are u a bishan mummy? also looking for childcare in bishan?
    just want to share.. A few months ago i enrolled my son to united montessori now its become starlearners. i agree it looks like there are alot activities, but recently i went to fill some forms, i realise and feel that its overcrowded. do u think so? my son is 18 mo, under playgrp..and they hv 3 pg classes!
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