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    Childcare / Infant-Care Subsidies

    Hi mummysg mothers! Just sharing some info I picked up on childcare / infantcare subsidies from the government Link: Financial Help For Parents: Guide To Infant and Childcare Subsidies
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    Your Complete Guide To New Ways To Find Local Domestic Helpers In Singapore

    :wong29:I've been looking for solutions on hiring a part-time helper to help me out with household chores cause I realised I can actually outsource a lot of troublesome things at home without hiring a maid. So I actually did a lot of research to find out all the different platforms that you can...
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    Housewife Confessions

    haha i think it's a cute idea leh, I submitted something!
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    Do you cane/ spank your kids?

    I personally believe you should never resort to caning/spanking kids. It instills a deep-seated fear in them that will follow them even when they grow up. They will be afraid to do everything, and will achieve nothing. Tell them to ask for what they want, and they'll be scared to do it. Tell...
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    Why can't you accept that she and i are JUST FRIENDS?

    You shouldn't try to fight fire with fire! Don't start this idea of creating an 'affair', it'll only hurt you and your relationship. Everything begins with you, if you want your relationship to improve, you have to take charge. Put more effort into your relationship, to try and help it grow. If...
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    Should i give up the idea of employing a maid totally

    mmm yes I actually do believe that maids are a crutch in the sense... we should be able to take care of our homes ourselves with some help. usually i'll just hire a part-timer, it's less complicated.
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    Can anyone Suggest me a meaningful name for my new born son ?

    I personally always wanted to have a son named Oliver! : D