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  1. Angelmum

    Budget 2014 - Support for Those with Disabilities

    Several initiatives aimed at providing support for persons with disabilities (PWD) were announced in Budget 2014. These include: i) Enhanced Subsidies for the Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC) * More middle-income households can benefit from a further...
  2. Angelmum

    Public transport concession - disability person's fare review

    Extracted and posting here. What disabled people want: A little kindness Disabled commuters are to get fare concessions on public transport, the Government said this week. Details are to be worked out, but Nicholas Aw, president of the Disabled People's Association, wants them to pay...
  3. Angelmum

    The Joy Truck, Mediacorp show on special needs Beneficiaries

    Have not been posting here for quite some time. Just watched MediaCorp "The Joy Truck". This first episode focused on 3 Rare Genetic kids. 1) Grace Tan 陈思颖 5岁的思颖患有丙酮酸脱氢酶复合物缺乏症,身体无法使力。其他病症包括行走困难,发育缓慢和癫痫。思颖是部分因生酮飲食(是一个高脂、低碳水化合物和适当蛋白质的饮食)而获益的成功例子之一。5-year old Grace suffers from Pyruvate...
  4. BaByGerL

    Feedback on Eden School

    Need to know more about the school. Currently my boy is in another school. Was recommended Eden school by the social worker in my son school as their system Is similar to the current school my son is Attending now
  5. Angelmum

    Financial Assistance

    Financial Assistance List of help from govt bodies, mainly for those low income. Some cap at $500/capita, some much lower.
  6. Q

    EIPIC Questions

    Sleepless night. My son is 7 months and is the process of being referred to a EIPIC. Checked that AWWA is nearest to me and with most services integrated. Rest are too far or do not focus on multiple disabilities. Wonder if anyone has any experience with this centre? Good? Waiting list...
  7. R

    mainstream school for asperger son

    Hello I'm a mum of 2 boys age 6 & 3 currently living in UK. We will be relocating to Spore in Oct. My eldest has Asperger (He is coping well with school just need support on social side) and the youngest has communication disorder and a working diagnosis of ASD. Can anyone advice on schooling...
  8. Angelmum

    Introduction + child's Medical condition

    This thread provides a more detailed introduction ... a bit different from 'Lounge Area - Introduce Yourself'. Basically to let other special needs parents know you and your child's condition better. To view Individual Members' Introduction: Click shortcut...
  9. Angelmum

    COMMON Medical term: Autism/Global Dev Delay/Seizures/Cerebral Palsy/Down's Syndrome

    Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Autism Spectrum Disorder The fastest growing diagnosis within the disability of Pervasive Developmental Disorders is Autism Spectrum Disorder. Children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder are from all socioeconomic groups, as well as cultural, racial, and...
  10. Angelmum

    Info, Tips or Resources to SHARE

    This thread contains different postings with different tips. Contributed by Rae Explora Learning Company, was started by parents of a child with developmental delay, who had faced much frustration at the lack of awareness and minimal support available within the Singapore school system. Our...