2 weeks to Europe, travel with baby, is it ok?

Discussion in 'Travel & Leisure' started by dflora, Feb 20, 2010.

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    I was planning to bring my then 9mth old on a 2 week travel to Italy/ Switzerland in the winter session.. but later decided to cancel because I was concern about the sub zero temperature and the high altitudes of the alps which may cause breathing difficulties in some babies... Am I too paranoid?

    so now I am planning for summer on the same itinerary... but some pple tell me it is not advisable to bring babies on long haul flights and 2 weeks is too long..

    Can I have some advise from those who had been there and done that....

    many thanks!!

  2. pineappletart

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    babies travel more comfortable than us. if your concern about the ear pressure, you can try giving your baby some milk at that time. it can help reduce the pressure.

    but good that u decided to go in summer cause i had a talk with a patient's mother b4, she said she brought her 1 month old baby during winter time, baby came back with lung infections and unfortunately died. :((( didnt see the baby's casenote. dont know if its caused by the cold weather.
  3. chrish

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    should be ok to travel for 2 weeks. It's no problem. It all depends on the way you handle the child (eg. Not to let bb face the strong wind -i.e carry bb's facing inwards your body whenever you're out walking in the cold etc) Also always eat warm food to warm up the body, take with you thermos flasks to keep warm water.

    And the material of clothings you give your bb is very important too. Being raised in a tropical country i.e. Singapore all my life, i initially thought the more clothes the better. But this is not the case. After a few years here in the cold, i noted that it's the material that counts!

    Opt for wool underneaths and followed by fleece and woolen jackets.) It all also depends on how cold the place is..where im staying (even further up north than Switzerland and Italy, where the temperature even dropped to -30degC this winter! So I suppose it's certainly more warmer there..

    You have to look at the label when buying, cos some stores, under 'wool' section but then the label is labeled as mix wool or maybe 50% wool..this is not enough..well it depends on how cold the temp. is when you travel to that country..if the range is say like -0 to -6 the above is sufficient. But then if it's say like -7 and above, it's better to get a 100% wool.

    But woolen clothes are usually expensive..you might want to consider buying winter clothes if you'll only use on your bb once or twice..(that is if you travel not very often) and that bb also outgrow clothes fast ;)

    Or yeah, as the others suggested, go during summer..this way you can also save some luggage space from all those winter wear..cos i supposed you have your hb and your clothes too? :001_302:

    Hope this helps :smile:
  4. STmummy

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    hi dflora, it's definitely fine to travel with your baby to Europe. I just came back from Europe last week with my hubby & baby. We went on a 1 month holiday. The temperture then was between 7 degrees to 19 degrees.

    I was told that babies are not so afraid of the cold. But being a SG mother, I am pretty kiasu in trying to ensure that my baby is propering covered and kept warm. So I overdressed my baby. Long sleeves, a woolen vest. A thick woolen jacket. Mittens, & hat. Into the 3rd day, he developed rashes all over. Went to PD in Paris (MUST BUY Travel Insurance!) and he said most likely is a result of heat rash.. Opps! My fault!

    We need to keep them warm, but try not to over kill. haha!

    Agree on these: keep face away from wind, cos it's really cold when the wind is blowing. I always bring a hot thermal flask out. For making milk and adding hot water to his sippy cup. When you are out, try to use pulls up as it's easier to change diaper (but depending if your baby is able to stand or not.) Got him another hat to block from the hot sun too. (though temp is low, the sun can be too hot sometimes.) Stroller is a must, as your baby can be sheltered from the rain or sun and also napped while you sightsee and shop! I forgot to bring along the stroller plastic cover, thus have to use an umbrella to shelter my baby from the rain while he sleeps in the stroller. Some restaurants do not have baby seat, thus it's good if you can buy this portable & foldable seat - 'sack & seat', available in kiddy palace. Very useful for us. Bring along medicine for your baby. My baby had running nose & cough during our stay there. Due to the dry climate, we only bath our baby on alternate days, and wipe him the next. And rem to moisturise your baby as often as you can.

    well if you need to buy some thick clothings for your baby but do not want to spend too much, and dont mind 2nd hand, I am selling off my baby's jackets, mittens, hat, vest etc. PM me if you are interested and I will send you some pictures.

    Have fun in Europe! My boy really enjoys it! :001_302:
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  5. esthergal

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    Hi STmummy,

    U just came back from Europe!! How old is your baby?

    I'm bringing my 9mth old to Paris in June!! Realized that most paris hotels don't have kettle, so bought a small travel kettle to bring along... parisians just drink from the tap water so no need to boil hahaa.. I'm worried that baby is not used to the water there, did your baby adapt well to the water and weather there?

    What medicine did u bring for baby? Now i can only think of paracetamol...
  6. STmummy

    STmummy Member

    Hi esthergal,

    just replied your msg. but didnt see the last sentence.

    I asked my boy's PD to give me these medicine:

    1) running nose/itch
    2) cough/open airways
    3) nose drop
    4) diarrhea

    Bring along whichwever cream that your baby had been prescribed to for any symptons he/she had developed within these 9 months. My boy had sensitive skin around his neck and we have this itch cream from PD which I brought along. Rem to give your baby flu jab before your trip.

    Hope this helps! * have fun!
  7. Cheechee

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    Just came back from Switzerland last week. I also brought my 8 months old baby along. There is no big issue but you definitely need to bring some warm clothings in case the temperature change as June is not consistently warm in Europe. My baby adjust to the time difference faster than my husband and I so there is no need for concern. The weather is drier than Singapore so please bring plenty of moisturiser and lip balm too. The rest are already mentioned by other mothers.
    Oh do bring sun block and hat as you will probably be outdoors most of the time. When the weather is sunny ...the sun can be more glaring than Singapore.
  8. Lewis A. Woodford

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