Affairs wif MARRIED MAN

There is an increasing number of affairs with married men, not because there is an increasing number of immature and selfish women, but because there are men who back out from their commitment of marriage. Because i strongly believe that even if there are millions of girls who try to win your man, if your man is committed enough, and who loves you enough...then there is no polygamy. there are so many beautiful and smart women around. but it is your husband who makes the call. #just my two cents.


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I believe in karma too but sometimes it makes me think that when will the karma comes?? Next life? Also will this person still remember what's happening in previous life?

Human should been punished immediately once mistake has done and not collecting it for next life. Then this is no meaningful


There is this female colleague in my friend's office who once told her that office affairs are very common! She is 33 yrs old single quite attractive looking and apparently having a sexual affair with a younger married guy in the same office. Sigh what is the world coming to! I feel from her perspective it's the thrill of being able to win over someone else's husband and for the guy it's jus free sex


I have a close female friend who is being a mistress and she didnt mind about it. She even had a child with the man and they are not staying together. The man is so rich and give her monthly income and let her stay in hotel. He is also planning to buy a house for my her.
My mum's bestfriend is someone's mistress, and she only had that 1 man. I'm not sure yet to agree or not but again its her life, her choice and she didnt influence or harm my mom or anyone. Really when i said ANYONE it includes the man's wife, the wife knows her as the husbands business affiliate. Obviously the man love auntie j(cannot disclose the name) very much, more than his wife. He provide her everything, house and car and the ongoing business. But here's why i respect auntie j, she never steal the man for herself, instead whenever the man buy her gifts she will request for 2 pieces, she told him to give 1 to his wife. She also don't let him overnight at her place all the time and tell him to go back and be with his wive and children. She tied her tubes and not want any children from him as his children as she didnt want to add anymore burden.
The man pass away 3 years ago and auntie j is still grieving, it shows how much she loves him. She didnt attend the funeral as she wants to give the family privacy. She always tell my mom she wishes to visit the grave but dont know where and not want to ask from the family.

Just for sharing, not that i learnt anything but my 1st encounter of a misstress who is simply kind.