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I am just wondering how much your baby sleeps in a day? My DD is now 6 weeks going on 7 weeks, and she has been cranky the last two days and has not been able to sleep well... However, today she has been sleeping alot... it's like she would wake up for milk every 4 hours, and the time she spent awake is when she is drinking (in a dreamy mode tho)... after that, when I put her back in her cot, she would stretch stretch stretch... then go back to sleep... From 10am this morning she started sleeping, woke up at 1:30pm for milk, then sleep, and wake up again at 5pm for milk, now sleeping again.

I have checked her temperature, it is normal... 36.5. But other than concluding that she was over tired the last two days, I dunno why she is still sleeping so much. So I would like mummies out there to share the amount of sleep your bb is taking at about this age please.

ps - sorry if I am asking alot of silly questions in the forum... Tho I am reading bookings on baby's first year and doing research on the internet... I still feel that asking experienced mummies is the best way.


I'm also interested to know about babies' sleeping pattern...
my DS is 3 weeks old and he has poor sleep especially at night he will wake up from 4am to feed then stay awake and alert until 6.30am!!

If I ignore him for too long he will cry. He just wants someone to cuddle, then he will eyes wide open, look around, fling his hands around and kick around like very playful and active... but wrong timing of the day leh!!

I and hubby going crazy already. :embarrassed:


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for newborn it is normal to slp at least 16hrs per day for them~ Basically they slp really alot at beginning ~ sum even slp up to 20hrs~:tlaugh:
mine's during her 1st 2 wks, every 2 hrs wake up for feeding..

den slowly the 3rd wk, getting better, every 4-5 hrs.. during midnight, sometimes 3-4 hrs.. say she drink at 1am, den 5am wakie.. or 2am, den 7am..

but nowadays shes alert during 10pm-2am.. maybe cus when pregnant i haven sleep at that timing HAHAHA!!


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i still remember during my DD's 1 month, i really went crazy. my hubby also cannot take it. she doesn't sleep. that time i was BF~ing her, trying to build my supply. every 2-3 hrs, she cry for milk. drink for 1hr, then sleep 30 mins. then cry again..

i hardly rest during confinement. kept sitting up to BF her NON STOP.

cannot take it.

luckily we train her to sleep at night. switch off all the lights. dun talk to her, coax her to sleep.

now, she 4 months liao. sleep at night. 6pm-7pm, she will make a fuss to sleep. then might wake up a while to look for someone to cradle. then continue to sleep.

phew! we sometimes wake her up at mid-9 to feed or she wake us up at 430am.. becos we both need to work, if she dun sleep after feed, we give her pacifier on her bed.. slolwy she knock out liao.....


same here, like french kitty,3 weeks old DS also eyes big big at night for 3 hours (inc, feeding) and finally fall asleep. He can sleep from 5:30am till 9am, wake up for feed in a dreamy mode, then fall back to sleep till 1pm, wake up for feed and bath. And after bath, so nice to sleep again.

Hopefully, he can adjust soon as coming to a month soon next week.