Any one with good chinese tutors or tution centers to recomend

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  1. bingxu3

    bingxu3 Member

    i totally give up on teaching him on my own, my chinese is already like so zzz and i been trying my best to guide him but with all the teacher complains i need a tutor badly
  2. kopi_c

    kopi_c New Member

    ya anyone has any good chinese tuition teacher to recommend? my son is in P3 this year and his chinese is ...errr....don't even know how to describe it. not sure how they teach chinese in schools nowadays, all his strokes are wrong, even though he managed to write the correct character. he said teacher never teach the proper strokes. is that true??:07:
  3. Emily

    Emily New Member

    Hello Mummies

    Are you still looking for tutors? I know of some qualified and experienced Chinese tutors who maybe able to help you.
  4. Ben's mummy

    Ben's mummy Member

    Do you have one who can teach a 6 year old? I live around Spottiswoode Park area (near Outram).
  5. akiva

    akiva New Member

    you may want to try Tien Hsia, they follow MOE Chinese syllabus very closely and prepare the child for all CAs and SAs. But the child need to do tien hsia homework weekly and reading

    Tien Hsia Language School

    51 Bishan St 13
    #03-03 Singapore 579799
    Tel/Hp : 62532131
    Fax : 63544952

    309 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4
    #04-01 Singapore 680309
    Tel/Hp : 67602131
    Fax : 67609662

    112 East Coast Rd
    #02-14/18 Singapore 428602
    Tel/Hp : 63482131
    Fax : 63480332

    205 Hougang St 21
    #04-00 Singapore 530205
    Tel/Hp : 64872131
    Fax : 62829103

    2 Jurong East Central 1
    #04-01 Singapore 609731
    Tel/Hp : 65642131
    Fax : 65648970

    293 Lor 6 Toa Payoh
    #03-00 Singapore 319387
    Tel/Hp : 63580912

    277 Orchard Rd
    #05-35A/37 Singapore 238858
    Tel/Hp : 62352131
    Fax : 62357703

    277 Orchard Rd
    #03-35 Singapore 238858
    Tel/Hp : 67349816

    3 Simei St 6
    #06-02 Singapore 528833
  6. seashell

    seashell New Member

    Both my kids are in Tien Hsia and so far I find the classes help ing them alot . The teachers are Native from China.

    My colleague told me Berries is equally good, you can take a look at their website below :

    Berries - World of Learning School
  7. Ben's mummy

    Ben's mummy Member

    Did your kids have an interest in chinese b4 they started at Tien Hsia? Mine is totally disinterested and unmotivated cos we dun speak it at home and his childcare did not emphasise much on chinese. Wld like to get him started to prepare him for P1 next year. Are the kids daunted by the workload given at Tien Hsia so much so they lose their interest?
  8. seashell

    seashell New Member

    I didn't prepare my elder girl in advance . Taught her when she entered P1 on my own and both had a hard time. So I sent her to Tien Hsia and she improved tremendously . So for my 2nd boy I started him earlier at K2 and now he's coping well with chinese. Both hate chinese initially and don't read chinese books until today but exam wise they are still doing quite well, except for oral .

    Tien Hsia emphasis alot on text book content , spelling and they do " lang du" and oral as well but guess is not good enuf if the kids don't read during their own time. Sometime they do complain as there are Spelling almost every week but feel it's good practice for them. Other than that no much of homework.
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  9. Ben's mummy

    Ben's mummy Member

    Is $20 per hour reasonable for 1-to-1 tuition?

    I called up a chinese tutor who charges $20 per hour for one to one tuition. SHe's a native from Beijing (S'pore PR) and has been teaching chinese to primary/secondary kids for 3 years. Wonder if her rate is reasonable cos Tien Hsia's weekend charges is $16 per hour (class of 10 students though).
  10. seashell

    seashell New Member

    I'm not sure about the market rate for chinese tuition but $20/hr sounds reasonable to me taking into consideration that you cut down on the travelling time and your kid will get 100% attention .

    Maybe you can get some feedback from the parents of her existing students .
  11. jacz

    jacz New Member

    I'm also looking for a Chinese tutor with very good tract records.
    My kid will be in P5 next year.

    Sent him to Tien Hsia before, not good for him as the class was too big.
    Teachers though OK did not follow up on weaker students.

    Hope you can share if you know of good tutor.
    Don't mind small group or individual.
    Location - Toa Payoh.
  12. crazynut

    crazynut New Member

    I am a part time tutor that would be teaching chinese.
    I have achieved distinction in chinese for my o level exams.
    I have no experience in teaching but I have coached my 12 year old brother in chinese since young.
    I try my best to keep lessons fun and engaging to maximise learning potential. Hope this would be the help you need for your child.
    I can conduct a free trial lesson to gauge ur child's learning needs and whether he can adapt to my teaching style.
    There is no harm to try it out since it is free.:)
    Rates are negiotiable.
    Thanks and have a nice day.

    Email for enquiries.:)
  13. melvincho

    melvincho Alpha Male

    hi parents i have a well experienced chinese tutor with relevant qualifications to degree in chinese and is also a singaporean female teacher so it should be easy for her to communicate with the kids and with 15 years of teaching experience. If you guys are interested you can contact me to liase or through her directly at (91013257) melvin (98510817) pearl or even
  14. TomTeoh

    TomTeoh New Member

    There's a tuition centre beside Yishun JC (block 729) where the teacher studied Chinese Studies in NTU. She's very good with the kids and the kids all like to attend her lessons. Her classes are also not too big. Maybe you all can consider that tuition centre if it is not too inconvenient for you.
  15. yiyi8095

    yiyi8095 New Member

    Hello! I am a very experienced chinese tutor who have been teaching for 15 years. My roots are from China but I have been living in Singapore long enough to become a Singaporean. I live in Tampines and I give group as well as one to one tuition at my home or your home, whichever you would prefer. I am able to teach students ranging from P1 to JC and I also have students under me for close to 10 years. I have experience teaching in top schools and neighbourhood schools and my strengths are teaching comprehension, oral and composition skills. Interested parents can contact me at 96208824. Thanks!!
  16. jezc

    jezc New Member

    My friend strongly recommended FUNtastic Chinese tuition,

    He is MOE trained and is very patient, yet results oriented.
    However, his schedule is very packed, you may try your luck.
    9465 5008


    Bai Ling Chinese provide Chinese courses online as well as private tuition for groups or on a one-to-one basis.

    Our material is specially created for learners with different ages and levels.

    Our teachers are native Chinese speakers and Chinese-English bilinguals. They are fully-qualified and have professional teaching experience. They are friendly, dedicated, creative and able to provide learners with a wonderful learning experience that is productive but stress free.

    For more information please visit our website: Home page

    For inquiry, please email:
  18. tmin

    tmin New Member

  19. AceTutors

    AceTutors Member


    The root of education stems from the learnings shared between teachers and students, however, what truly matters most would be the lasting and effective relationship between them. At Ace Tutors, we not only provide experienced tutors at competitive rates, we also strive to create win-win situations for both tutor and student through our hassle-free matching system. Enjoy our free matching services with your desired tutors and embark on an educational journey of proven results with us today. Head on to to find out more!
  20. intellicat

    intellicat Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Intellicat Tuition School is a centre Registered with MOE since 1998. Our classes operate in small sizes and we have a pool of qualified school teachers, ex-teachers and lecturers who are dedicated towards helping your child ace the exams! More than 80% of our students have improved by at least 1 grade last year.

    Sign up now as vacancies are limited!

    Our address: 1030A Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534767 (Opposite SRJC, near KOVAN MRT)

    Hotline: 62806841


    We have a series of revision videos and worksheets uploaded in our website too.

    Thank you,

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