Baby has torticollis ie. Head tilted to one side. Any mummies can share?

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    Hi, my girl is six mths plus n I just discovered that she has torticollis (she tilted her head to left side). PD instructs to do neck stretching exe for her daily and several times a day. Any mummies hv such experience, able to share n advise me? How long will she recover?
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    Yes. My bb has torticollis. I found out before she turned 1 month.
    I was scared to death at that time because I have no knowledge at all.

    Well, I did not have a good experience with PD. honestly they are not in the field. My PD scared me that surgery is required, etc.
    (It was totally not helpful)

    Instinct told me to go to KK where they have the experise. I am glad I did.

    I realized that it is common to some infants (my PD said it is uncommon...) KK gave me the assurances that it can be treated. I saw the senior surgeon(any level also can) since I am going as a private patient. But - still cheaper than PD or their assigned specialist doctor. He did a detailed ultra-scan on my BB and before concluded what level of torticollis. The treatment - he assigned my BB to physio. I'm not sure if you are the working mother which I did. No one is as good as the physio on how to do it. The therapist actually assess my BB and then teach me & my caregiver on what are the exercises suitable at each stage of her torticollis. Every time, she will assess and teach us the suitable stretching with my BB. My BB is a girl so I was so scared she grow up 'titled'.

    By the way, it is very important to start the exercise treatment very quickly and early. By 12 months, a surgery may be required to ease the strained muscles. It will also affect the growth of their face, ie. can be one side bigger or smaller than another one. So KK surgeon recommends physio therapy.

    My BB recovers well by 6 months. Based on the scheduled appointments, I see the surgeon and he assess her. Slowly from a 3 months interval appointment, it changed to 6 months. About 18 months later, she is officially off the 'radar' screen and the surgeon discharged her from any visit. Today- she is a pretty cute little fellow.

    Not many people knows about this. At that time, I really read alot on this and I did not have any support group.
    Luckily I worked in a medical company and I also received some information.

    PM me if you need support :)
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    Hi Isabelandre, thank you for your reply. Glad to hear ur child is okay now. I posted this thread on 28 Sept 2011 and after abt 2 wks later, I notice my girl's head seem to be okay and now so far so good. I dunno why but I hope maybe the PD made a wrong judgement cos he didn't examine my girl at all. I brought her to PD for some skin problems and after seeing her skin, I just bring to his attn that my girl's head was tilted to left side and immediately he said is due to her neck's muscle was tighten and must do daily stretching etc etc. However much earlier on, I brought my girl to a GP and the doc has examined my girl by turning her head around and press/touch her neck very carefully and told me that there nothing wrong with her neck.

    So I keeping my fingers crossed and hope is just a false alarm and my girl is okay.
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    Hi Isabella,

    my baby is 5.5 months old. I brought my daughter for checkup as the doctor told me her head is tilted to one side. I am so worry. And I am not sure where to bring my baby to. Searched from Internet and it seems a lot of physiotherapy out there and not sure which is good. Never thought of kk. Any specific doctor recommended? Need your help urgently


    Worey mummy
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    Never thought of kK because the dr asked me to go to mount avelnia. I am so happy that kk hospital can help me too.

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