baby head water system is big!!


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hi all mummies

bring my dd for injection at sgh last 2 months, doc say the the vein in the brain is bigger. normal should be 10mm and below my baby is 19mm :(

so schedule for a MRI scan today..initial report show the head water system is big but not high pressure.. need to send the scan for some other consultant to check in details...

any mummies have enounter before?


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How come the doctor noticed and checked the vein in the first place?
hi stonston,
my dd was born with congenital glaucoma, so they do all sorts of blood test / head scan / renal scan etc all to check is it any sydrome...

but *touchwood so far the test come back all is normal...
so we still dont know what casuing the congential glaucoma..


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My sister's baby has glaucoma, she chose to have surgery right away.
Surgery can often correct such physical deficiencies from babies. Both medication and surgery are essential in some cases. Th doctor advised us to have topical eye drops and oral medications for the baby. These treatments help to either upsurge the exit of fluid from the eye or reduce the production of fluid inside the eye. I think this article will be of help