Bakerzin 50% off for cookies & cream cheesecakes!!!

Discussion in 'Singapore Food Guide' started by lawla12, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. lawla12

    lawla12 Well-Known Member


    SOOOOOOOOO CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MUST GRAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome to BAKERZIN
  2. jassmine

    jassmine Member

    :117::117::117::117::117::117: look delicious.... yum yum....
  3. kitty

    kitty Member

    The discount is it for online order only?

    Thanks for sharing:Dancing_wub:
  4. lawla12

    lawla12 Well-Known Member

    i duno leh.......i wanna buy leh....but all the outlets soo far from ymy house....zzzzzzz

    then even if me passby today (going M.square).....but me watching movie....can put the cheesecake in my car for 4hrs ???

    me watching tat Watchmen, its a 3hrs show.....
  5. serenelm

    serenelm Member

    walk-in oso can buy... saw the promo at both united sq n north point :)
  6. lawla12

    lawla12 Well-Known Member

    east side dun haf leh....aiyooooo
  7. Oink

    Oink Member

    Nope, tis discount is for eating in & take away too... Hee, juz bought it on sun... yummy! :001_302: Think the promo is for whole month of Mar 09... go get it!
  8. lawla12

    lawla12 Well-Known Member

    GRAB a bite from Oink's cake......hahahaaa.....

    east side dun haf leh....aiyo, need to go town....but mostly weekends, me watch 9pm+ to buy the cake leh ????

    tis weekend, going to catch dragonball yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    kekekekeee :Dancing_tongue:
  9. Oink

    Oink Member

    Haha... no more liao lor! In my tummy... :001_302:... & totally digested!
    Go town & watch show lor... then can buy. Or eat b4 watching movie... It's really yummy! Dun miss it! Ohh... also like the Chocolate Amer cake from there but not on sale... :tlaugh:
  10. lawla12

    lawla12 Well-Known Member

    I OSO LOVE THEIR AMER CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaaaaa

    wonder if they can gif us dye ice wor....but hor, doubt so laaa...the cake already so cheap, still ask for tis n tat....LOL :X
  11. lawla12

    lawla12 Well-Known Member they haf another promotion...


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  12. Phoebii Cheng

    Phoebii Cheng Well-Known Member

    when is this promo until? thot of buying when i go suntec this thurs.....:tlaugh:
  13. lawla12

    lawla12 Well-Known Member

    OOh...tis one is promotion of the mth for Apr.....

    each mth, they haf diff promotion...

    u go buy liao, then tell us NICE or not....heheheeee:Dancing_tongue:
  14. yanyanSB

    yanyanSB New Member

    i love bakerzin!

    but recently, i started ordering cakes from my cousin's website! it is really good.. do take a long and support! go for home deliveries:)

    ? alize cakes: {hand baked with love}
  15. Terabithia

    Terabithia New Member

    wow!! Looks delicious, hungry now after seeing the website

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