Car seat recommendation for a small car with a newborn and young toddler


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Hi all,

I have a Suzuki Swift car that has a really small and cramp seats, barely fitting 5 adults comfortably. I already have a car seat for my 1 year old toddler that is suitable for newborn too, but since it’s bulky, it has taken up more than 1 and a half of the back seat - using Britax Safe N Sound.

Now I am in search for recommendation for my newborn coming November 2018 that can fit in the car’s back seat along with my current car seat, as my toddler will still be too small for a (smaller) booster seat.

My requirements are that:
- it should be small so that an adult, we are of average build, can sit accompanying the children behind
- lightweight, so removing it is not such a hassle when required
- not too expensive, do not mind second hand if it’s in good condition
- has to fit my car, which already has limited leg space, in rear-facing mode as it will be mainly for the newborn.

Appreciate any insights on car seats and how you go about with the seating arrangements! Many thanks! :)