1. K

    Car seat recommendation for a small car with a newborn and young toddler

    Hi all, I have a Suzuki Swift car that has a really small and cramp seats, barely fitting 5 adults comfortably. I already have a car seat for my 1 year old toddler that is suitable for newborn too, but since it’s bulky, it has taken up more than 1 and a half of the back seat - using Britax Safe...
  2. elize

    Please recommend a good room air purifier for Asthma

    Hi ! I just moved to Singapore with my family last week. For the past few nights my son is having recurring asthma attacks. We have his nebuliser and meds but we were so busy with all the last minute winding up that we forgot to carry along our room air purifier. Back home we used this...
  3. S

    Need help on catering

    Hi mummies. I've been looking at almost all catering and i need help. Any mummies tried liang food caterer? Any reviews. Would like to try the caterer. As im on a tight budget i thought liang food is the best. Help please. Or any cheap halal catering that you would recommend.
  4. Xelle

    Recommendations for Maternity Clothes?

    Hi there Mummies, I'm pregnant with my 2nd but even with previous experience, still think it's not so easy to find good looking, affordable maternity clothing. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to shop? I stay in the East, but I think for everyone's reference, just list any that you...
  5. A

    Any mummies looking for Chinese tutor? I got a recommendation!

    I have came across several mummies looking for Chinese tutors for their kids on this website and would like to recommend a teacher we have known for many years. My kids, one in Primary 6 and one in Sec 3, are currently tutored by Madam Zhang (Zhang Lao Shi) for several years. We are very happy...
  6. C

    Trying to concieve for 1.5 years:( please help...

    Hi all, Both me and my hubby are 31 married for 3 years. We have been trying to concieve to about 1.5 years but no luck. We desperately want to have a child, please do advice what should we do? We have not told our family and friends about the situation and feeling very lonely in this...