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  1. Rukia

    Rukia Member

    I am thinking of getting an indo or myanmar maid to help take care of my baby. Just wondering how much does it cost per month to hire one?

    Maid's salary -
    Levy - $170
    One time agency fee -

    Anything i miss out?
  2. TanJ

    TanJ New Member

    No experience abt 400-420
    Experience 450
    Maid insurance abt 300 plus
    Agency fees it depend in which agent u go.
  3. angelawu286

    angelawu286 New Member

    I also have e thought of getting a maid but wondering the upfront cost around how much.... Any one know?
  4. Sephiana

    Sephiana New Member

    I just checked regarding this yest. Agent fee for fresh maid abt $388 (the cheapest i get so far) and experience is $488. Their CIP course $75. Insurance abt $200 plus. And maid loan abt $3k (maid 8-9 mths salary pay to the agency). First u must take an online course to produce cert to the agency. Course is about $30.
  5. Eliza

    Eliza Member

    Policy for Indo maid have to check with agencies. As of 1st May, Indo maid will take a bank loan themshelves instead of employer paying for the loan. However, the agency fee will go up from $388-$688 to $1200-$1500. Indo maid will take roughly about 30-45 days for processing. Indo maid salary from $420 onwards
    Myanmar maid remains the same policy. However, it is quite difficult to renew their work permit after their passport expires. Myanmar maid salary $380 onwards
    Insurance depends on the insurance company and some will add run-away fee as well so you bond will only be forfeited partially and not full should she run away. About $170-$350(?) not sure.
    You will have to provide all the necessities for maid as well as food and it can come up to roughly $60 per month on top of her salary. Anyone who says additional $20 a month for necessities and food is under budgeting. So, do some math first before employing.
  6. janicehoon

    janicehoon New Member

    I employed a Indonesia maid from here , you may like to check their website.
  7. zaclin29

    zaclin29 Member

    Is the insurance a one-time cost for hiring the maid for 2yrs?
  8. zaclin29

    zaclin29 Member

    Upfront costs:
    1) Transfer maids:
    Agency fee ($380 to $700) + Insurance (abt $300) + Maid's loan upfront (usually = to 1 month's pay)
    2) Ex-Singapore:
    Agency fee ($380 to $700) + Insurance (abt $300) + Maid's loan upfront (usually = to 3 to 4 months' pay)
    3) Fresh maids:
    Agency fee ($380 to $700) + Insurance (abt $300) + Maid's loan upfront (usually = to 6 to 9 months' pay) - some agencies accept postdated cheques for the maids' loan but will ask for higher agency fee

    Insurance of abt $300 is for their hospitalisation & medical insurance + runaway bond. Runaway bond means you need to fork out $250 only instead of $5K if your maid runs away or get pregnant, etc. If you opt out of the runaway bond, the insurance is about $260+ but if the maid runs away, then you have to pay the govt $5K.

    Monthly expenses for hiring a maid = Maid's salary ($420 to $450 for Indonesian) + maid levy $175 + maid's necessities/food $60 = ~$700
  9. Rukia

    Rukia Member

    For maid's loan, do we pay first then every month deduct from maid's salary? So if we pay 6 month loan, does that mean for 6 months maid got no salary?
  10. janicehoon

    janicehoon New Member

    First 6 months my maid salary after loan deduction is $20 only
  11. janicehoon

    janicehoon New Member

    Maid's salary $450 from 7th month to 24th month of contract
  12. Rukia

    Rukia Member

    Thanks for the info. Really helpful.... Which agency did you get your maid from? Is it good? I am considering between mynamar or indonesian maid...
  13. MommyDioR

    MommyDioR Member

    I intend to hire a philippines maid.. so far I enquire ones the agency fees are 550bucks to 650bucks.. any recommendation of cheaper and reliable agency with lower agency fees?

    And where do I go sign up for the first timer course to produce the cert to agency?

  14. Excited Mummy

    Excited Mummy Member

    my agency charges me $188 for agency fee last Dec (discount was $288 initially. the agency says 1 yr free unlimited replacement, but each maid must use min 1 mth - i wouldnt want to change unless there is a good reason. very troublesome).
    burmese maid fresh $420 per mth (but my current one is really not good - u can look up my posts in this forum)
    maid loan $2,800 (for 7 mths maid gets $20 each mth)
    insurance i bought the slightly better one at $321

    now i am waiting to get a new filipino maid & my current burmese maid who has been with me from jan to now will go back to agency. new filipino maid $420, insurance $321 + POA compulsory coz philippines' regulation $48+, SIP $75 coz of spore got new ruling wef 1 May to replace English course.

    i provide toiletries for my maid too. subsidised levy $170. initially $275. my baby is born in jan but jan no subsidy. subsidy only kicks in the following mth. food for maid (my maid eats a lot!!! 8 slices of bread for breakfast, rice = what my hubby & i eat) so i think my maid cost abt $1,000 per mth.
  15. janicehoon

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  16. janicehoon

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  17. janicehoon

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