Do you let your 12 yrs old teen to go the private tutor class?


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Do you let your 12 yrs old teen to go the private tutor class after school ?

Just hope to be more hardworking and learning or studying more for the teen ..... :)


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i agree, let he/she hv tuition only if he/she needs it...if not, waste money n effort n time.


if cheap, I dont mind
if FOC, I push him over!! Nowadays, school work very difficult especially maths n science
even if FOC, can your child manage?

Personally, tuition made my grades go down. Could not cope with homework, then tutor gave extra work.

Sigh. it is really not easy giving a child an education now.


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Actually where education is concerned, I kind of believe in the "good things no cheap" theory, unless it's teaching by family member or friend. :) Doesn't work the other way though, not all expensive tutors are good.

Important to make sure tutor good before sending, otherwise may teach or influence wrong way, or simply waste your child's time, even worse kill his/her interest in the subject.


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my son (12+) is having group tuition in tuition centre (reasonable one, 20yrs in service) and also home tutor. both provide different things. the most important is that the child must be able to enjoy thru learning and the teachers must be able to communicate or connect with the child .... he always look forward to his tuitions.

he was with a chinese tuition centre (one of the best and expensive one) for a year but his grade never improved. i hv no choice but teach him myself using besta as my chinese is terrible.

well, we are blessed to be in Singapore system (1-2 yrs ahead of international standard). my son went to international school for 2 yrs but he said singapore education is much better.

find a tutor or tuition centre that your child likes ... your child will learn more.


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Hi. My name is Nick. This thread may be old but I want to highlight some important aspects. Other parents in this thread have mentioned them too.

First, only send your child to a tuition class if he or she needs help. It's similar to going to see a dentist when your teeth hurt. You'll know when it's time. Pay attention to the confidence level in any particular subject, the time it takes to finish homework, the result accuracy and the thought process. If your child has no idea on how to start solving a question, it's a sign that they need help.

Second, class size is important when choosing a tuition centre. The bigger it is, the less time the teacher has to attend to each student. If your child is really weak at a certain subject, he or she will benefit more in a class of less than 10 students.

And finally, if you don't have any recommendation from those who have studied at a particular centre, at least meet the teacher first before signing up for a course. Not all teachers in the same centre share the same expertise and style of teaching. Use the chance of talking to the teacher to see how they care for your child's improvement.

I simply couldn't include all factors in choosing a good tuition centre in this post. If you have any things to discuss please feel free to reply to this thread. All the best!