Does 3mth+ babies still need to wear mittens/botties?

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  1. pkshl

    pkshl Active Member

    my mil takes care of my ds, when at her house, she removes ds mittens & botties cos she said now he should start exploring his fingers & toes. but im worried cos sometimes i c ds rubbing his eyes with his fingers. is it ok to remove his mittens & botties now?
  2. Catty

    Catty Member

    I've removed my gal mittens & booties when she's 3 months old but i will try to trim her nails regularly..

    Even those nurse in polyclinic also told me that babies from 3 mths and above got to remove the mittens in order to let them explore things with their fingers..
  3. PinkDiamonds

    PinkDiamonds Well-Known Member

    Once they start to discover their hands, they will want to explore things. Mine started to put her fingers in her mouth around 3 months.

    Have to cut her nails every 2-3 days cause they grow so quickly!

    Usually rubbing eyes is a sign of sleepiness. :)
  4. infinity88

    infinity88 Member

    Yup.. its alright to remove the mittens and booties when reach abt 3 to 4 months and u must remember to trim the nails often too... but at night i do put on the booties for my girl if its too cold..
  5. jasobias

    jasobias Well-Known Member

    I took off mittens at 1 week old n booties 2weeks.I think they r so restrictive.I love holding her hands when i m feeding her n luckily i have a obsessed finger nail cutting hubby...haaahah!
  6. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    we remove dear son's mitten when he was around 6week old... and no more botties around 2mths old... now we only let himwear socks during night time as we're sleeping in aircon room... dont wry, every babies will rub their eyes, that's a bad habit. doesnt mean they rub their eyes mean must keep wearing mitten. must 'teach' them not to rub or trim their nails regularly instead of keep 'protecting' them =)
  7. isabelandrew

    isabelandrew Active Member

    my MIL and hubby dun believe in taking off! they said bb will scratch her face. One day i just took off, though a little late, 4 months.

    but she wears them at night. her hobby is to scratch her face and her chest. one day, her t shirt is stained with her blood.

    i cut her nails but still very sharp.

    i personally feel that u shud take off early so that they can explore.

    my bb is still exploring her fingers and legs everyday :)
  8. Caroltpl

    Caroltpl Member

    I took off my bb mittens and booties when she reach 2th and then she will accidentally scratch herself even though i trim her nails every 3 - 4 days...its ok...the wound heal around 3 days...she start to suck her little fingers when she's 2 months old...only when night time in aircon room if weather is too cold i might put on mittens to keep her warm...but every night she just wear socks with pyjamas.
  9. snowbear

    snowbear Well-Known Member

    I removed dd's mittens when she was 2-3mths. Read that they need to explore with their little hands... :) I can't rem when i stopped wearing booties for her. But if we sleep in air-con room, socks are a must if she's not wearing her sleepsuit, even until now at 14mths.
  10. meiteoh

    meiteoh Well-Known Member

    Urm, a note on the scratching - Eva never wore mittens before and while she loves to rub her hands all over her face and such, she has never scratched herself either and mind you, her nails can be quite long. So really, dont't worry about the scratching.

    Also, what you can do to help encourage your baby to open up her palms (after months/weeks of wearing mittens and keeping the close fisted), when you bath her, you can gently pry open her fists and just rub her palms. This will encourage her to open up her hands more.

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