1. justforgags

    justforgags Member

    anyone had experienced tis old timer gynae??
  2. Feliz

    Feliz Member

    at tampines right e clinic? i heard that he/she does alot of abortion for those 'prositute, hostess' (no offend). And also i hav a fren who went there for abortion couple of years back but e doc didnt do a good job as when my fren went for review and find out that the abortion wasnt done clean and parts of the "baby" still in there.. :001_07:
  3. en_mummy

    en_mummy New Member

    Are u refering to the one at tampines? He's my gynae for both my pregnancy. Personally, i feel he's ok, a very experienced gynae....
  4. Evon

    Evon Member

    He charges very expensive. I actually went to see him on my first pregnant but he told me that I have etopic pregnant which was about 2 years back(2007). He told me that I need an emergency operation. I was admitted to East Shore hospital. He told me to prepare $2K cash and $2K cpf. But end up the bill I have to pay about $3K plus. This year (2009) I am pregnant again. I went to see him again, I went for the scan and again he told me that I have etopic pregnant. But after another check up I was told my pregnant was normal. So I went for my 2nd check up and Dr Venga force me to put on drip when I think I need it. And the charges that will was $500 plus. After the 2nd visit I have change to another gyna. I think Dr Venga is good but his charges are too high and he will ask you to do those things that are not nesscary. :embarrassed:
  5. nurisknadrah

    nurisknadrah New Member

    I think he is too old already. When I was 5 wks pregnant, I consulted his advice and he said my baby was out of womb. He told me I needed go through an operation to take it out. I went for 2nd opinion at KKH, took an xray and all that and found that my baby was all fine, safe and healthy INSIDE my womb. I got really scared thinking that I might have killed my own child if i had believed him there and then. Its not safe. I will recommend to go to a a better gynea.
  6. lienweisz

    lienweisz New Member

    never heard of him or her! My bf sent me to another clinic coz we are low in budget and not completely prepared to have a baby. There are many clinics in the city try looking for more.

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