Endo Japan Thermal Magic Cooker

Discussion in 'Cooking discussion' started by sweety, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. sweety

    sweety Member


    Anyone using the above magic cooker? Good?

    I heard from my friends saying that it is good so I just bought a 6L at Tangs but have not used it yet. Now Tangs is having promotion for this magic cooker.

    Buy 6L free 1.8L at $99
    Buy 5L free 1.8L at $88

    If you are a SingTel Mobile user, additional 5% off. Just show them your mobile phone.

    If you hold a Citibank credit card, 6% cash rebate.
  2. carin04

    carin04 Alpha Male

    I own two of them. Had been using them for almost a year now. :Dancing_wub:.

    Its fantastic, easy to use and cook almost all anything. Esp if when you have limited time for cooking.
  3. Domique

    Domique Well-Known Member

    Promotion deal still on? anyone know?

  4. annie03

    annie03 Member


    I also just bought the 7L at $129 a couple of mths ago also at Tangs promotion and free a 1.5L, I find it very useful cos I have been using the 1.5L magic cooker to cook my baby's porridge n i do nt have to monitor at all, all i need is just to chk if the water is enuff n if nt, just add more water n cover it up again n it can keep warm for like 4hrs up... i even bring the cooker to feed my baby when I'm out to my in law place or any other place...
  5. crystal79

    crystal79 Member

    Hi mummies,

    May i know hw to use the thermal magic cooker??? Pls advise . Thanks
  6. crystal79

    crystal79 Member

    Hi mummies,

    May i know hw to use the thermal magic cooker??? Pls advise . Thanks
  7. annie03

    annie03 Member

    Hi crystal79,

    U just have to throw watever you wanna cook into the magic cooker and put the steel pot (not the thermo one) over the stove and boil it till its really boiling for abt 30mins, then put the steel pot into the thermo magic cooker and close it up and leave it to auto cook for 2 hrs and then its ready to be eaten but make sure that the water is sufficient n not dry up, can check every 45mins to make sure that water is sufficient... =)
  8. crystal79

    crystal79 Member

    Hi annie03,

    If i want to cook porridge for my dear daughter, isit also using the same method as you mentioned??? Hw long do i need to auto cook the porridge??? :001_302:
  9. crystal79

    crystal79 Member

    If i want to cook porridge for my dear daughter, isit also using the same method as you mentioned??? Hw long do i need to auto cook the porridge??? :001_302:[/quote]
  10. kitty

    kitty Member

    What's the brand for this cooker and any website?

  11. crystal79

    crystal79 Member

  12. jaymumys

    jaymumys New Member

    Hi crystal,
    to help annie in answering your doubts. Just have to boil the amount of water which you normally used to cook porridge and when the water is boiled. Then put the rice or any other ingredients into the boiling water, and then bring the whole inner pot to put into the thermal outer pot. (if it's fish, you can always put later after the porridge is cooked as fish are normally softer and easier to be cooked. add the fish in and wait for ard another 20mins for it to be cooked) .
    Then depends on your quantity, may take up 1/2hr - 1hr 15mins.

    I'm a user of both 2.8 litre of Endo small thermo pot and also a 7 litre Tiger thermo pot user. it does save not just gas, it also save time. To cook porridge or barley water, we'll have to watch the fire in order not to let it over flow. Now with the thermo pot, you just have to boil the water and then put the rice or barley in. and it still can be cooked without having to watch the fire. Isnt' it wonderful?

    Try to explore more. it's really fun and good. I use it to cook my spaghetti & stew & things that require to normally spend alot of time to watch over. ::)
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  13. glenndanker

    glenndanker Alpha Male

    Fantastic I have been using them for at least 12 years or more. I used it to cook all kinds of soup meat not overcook, porridge turns out so smooth,
    everything even dessert like red bean, green bean soup superb. Just follow their instruction and you sure going to swear by it.. Enjoy healthy cooking and save on your $$$$$
  14. norfen

    norfen Member

    I'd like to know the diff btwn a thermal magic cooker and a slow cooker. thought of buying one, but ended up confused when i went to Best Denki and saw a lot of types. one is the normal slow cooker, (the inner casing is made of hard clay if im not wrong, the exterior looks like a rice cooker) and the other type is the thermal cooker. outer casing is plastic.

    which one is better? and how does it work? intend to buy to cook my DD porridge..
  15. camom

    camom Well-Known Member

    Slow cooker - electricity is on all the time while food is cooking.

    Thermal pot/magic pot - Boil food in inner pot on stove for 5 min (start timing when it's boiling) and pop the entire pot into the outer casing to leave it to cook. Save electricity.

    But I feel food cooked in the thermal pot is still not as fragrant or nice tasting as those boiled over slow fire for hours.

    The trick to maintaining hot temp of food is not to get 1 that is too big. For soup esp, the pot needs to be filled to at least 2/3 to retain the temp, otherwise it'll cool very fast.
  16. steven

    steven New Member

    i saw it at PS Carrefour.

    will like to knoe how really to use it and what size is good for 2 adults.

    if use to cook soup, too big not good is it?

    to cook baby porridge have to use the small size one, i did not see 1.5L before. also to cook porridge use this is better or the small slow cooker to cook

    so far only see the big one.
  17. camom

    camom Well-Known Member

    What do you intend to use it for? If soup, do you drink a lot? For my family of 2 adults+1 pri sch kid + 1 toddler, our 4.6 lit pot is just nice. Maybe you can check with the sales person abt the different sizes of pots.

    When I bought my Tiger pot, the sales person did tell me that to maintain the temp, the pot needs to be at least 2/3 filled. Else, temp will dissipate very

    To use, put the ingredients into the inner pot. Fill water to desired level. Cover inner pot and put on stove to boil for 10 min (start timing after the water boils). After 10 min, pop the inner pot into the outer pot, cover, and leave to cook. DO NOT PLACE THE OUTER POT OVER FIRE ON STOVE.

    So far, I don't use my thermal pot to cook porridge for my toddler cos I don't have a small size one.
  18. steven

    steven New Member

    i purchase 2.5 litre of Endo thermo pot
  19. mar_mum

    mar_mum Member

    If I wanna cook using both the inner pot and the additonal layer together, both have to cook on the stove 1st?
  20. camom

    camom Well-Known Member

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