Experienced local & well-trained trustworthy cleaner to your house. No agent fee..

Clare Tan

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Do you have a busy schedule and would rather spend it with your family and loved ones than getting grubby while you get your home clean, does this sound familiar? Well, this is where i can help you!!
dont't miss the chance to hire me, or you will regret! (Last 12 Slots remaining now)

100% Guarantee your satisfactory ( No drama, not clumsy, no complain )
Friendly & Talented Chinese local lady with 4 years of experience in house cleaning only.

(Standard 3-4 hours)

3-4 Rooms - $15/Hr
5 Rooms and Condominium -$20/Hr
Mainly dusting, sweep or vacuum, mopping, wash kitchen and toilet.

[you]Additional services as follow will have extra charges:[/you]

  • Iron and laundry (Sewing if needed)

  • Cooking (you name it, i cook it)

  • Fixing of household

  • Short time Nanny

-Plays with them ( Outing / Sports )
-Teaching English or Maths ( For Pri 1-4 only)

  • Basic pet grooming for Dog (if you have one)

-Redness rash irritation
-Diarrhea / Fever
-Fur Trimming
-Nail cut
-Obedient Training (below 1 year old)

Interested and serious customers please send me a message in Whatsapp or call me at +65 8133 2257 right away!

Please provide me your details as follow:
1.Name and contact number
2.Location and Room
3.Hours and frequency in a week

Anything else we may discuss when i see ya!
Once again, i am Xiao Hong (Clare), payment by cash at the end of the cleaning.
Thank you so much, hear from you soon!
Be quick as i left 12 slots remaining!!