1. A

    Black list nannies/helpers fb page

    just a quick thought after seeing tons of warning posts not to hire those blacklisted nannies.. do you think it’ll be worth it if i create a private fb group listed all those blacklisted in one place(and detailing bad experiences). So it ll be easier for mommies to come and do a little check...
  2. T


    Hi please avoid hire this maid from Indonesia. Habitual liar and mental not stable. (suicide prone). NURUL KHIKAYAH FIN G2172673M PP# AT894054 DOB 10/10/1988
  3. N

    Myanmar transfer maid available

    Ing is a fresh 23 years old Myanmar transfer maid available fast. She used to take care of elderly in Myanmar. She also attended 2 month nursing aid course in Myanmar. She is not so good in cooking so will be more suitable for simple housechores, looking after baby /child or elderly care. For...
  4. M

    looking for live-in helper

    Hi everyone, I am excited to be part of this forum and looking forward to share across interesting stuff across with the rest. New to motherhood, i am expecting my first baby girl and due on 1st week November 2016. I would like to look for a live in helper who can start with me by september...
  5. C

    Experienced local & well-trained trustworthy cleaner to your house. No agent fee..

    Do you have a busy schedule and would rather spend it with your family and loved ones than getting grubby while you get your home clean, does this sound familiar? Well, this is where i can help you!! dont't miss the chance to hire me, or you will regret! (Last 12 Slots remaining now)...
  6. S

    Looking For Ad Hoc Nanny (Bukit Panjang)

    Looking for responsible, clean and reliable adhoc nanny/helper living at bt panjang area. Willing to come to clients house. Different times different days. Needed between 4 hours to 10 hours at a time. Paid on per hourly basis. 4 month old baby. When baby is sleeping, help out with light...
  7. S

    Transfer maid for hire.

    Hello all I currently have an indonesian maid working with me and finishing her contract in 2 weeks time. I recently quit my full time job and decided to take the courageous step to be a stay at home mum to my 2 year old son. My maid has been taking care of my son from he was 2 month old and...
  8. S

    Letting go of my Indo helper (currently with agency) - Immediate transfer

    Due to some circumstances (which I am happy to share if you want to find out more), I have to let go of my Indonesian helper. She is with the agency now. I have 2 helpers and have to let go of one. She has 5 years working experience in Saudi and is quite docile looking. However, her English is...
  9. D

    Looking for Part-Time Maid in Queenstown

    Hi, I am looking for a part-time maid who can communicate in English, working at my home in Queenstown: - from 8.30am to 6.30pm Mon-Fri - It is a small size family of parents and a 4 year old daughter so not much to do. main work is to take care of my 4 year old daughter, then some simple...
  10. B

    Looking for part-time helper in Pasir Ris

    Hi hi, I'm staying in Pasir Ris and am looking for a part-time helper to clean the house during the weekends. Does anyone has any recommendations? Thanks!
  11. S

    Part time helper needed urgently to look after elderly and housework (urgent)

    Hi all, Wondering if you all can help. My helper had to return home immediately and I am left with no helper to look after my dad. My agent is in the process of looking for a helper for me but it will take a while. I need to get a part time help urgently for the day time (i.e. 8am to 8pm)...
  12. Claralicious

    Fillipino helper available for transfer

    I am looking for an employer for my helper. She is 29 years old, has work with me for 4 years and has been looking after my 2 boys (1year old and 3 years old) since birth. She is getting 500 with 2 off days. My mum is resigning from her job to look after my kids. Please contact (sms or WhatsApp)...
  13. H

    Nanny available in KALLANG

    Hi New Mummies :)! My mum loves babies and wish to continue taking care of newborn after taking care of my nephew (Sec 2) and daughter (32months) right now. My gal has started her pre-school hence she would like to keep herself occupied at home. She already has 3 children and is very...
  14. B

    Looking for part-time maid in Yishun

    Looking for a part-time maid in Yishun, Sat 10-1pm 3 hourly duties at $10/hr. Duties: - Vacuum and mop the floor - Wash the 2 toilets including one with shower screen - Ironing for 2 adults - Clean kitchen table top - Dusting of furniture Other duties may be required, when needed. - Wash...
  15. M

    Getting Indonesian Maid without Agency

    Dear all mummies, Anyone tried to get an indonesian maid without the agency before? I am in the midst of it now!!! Now that my maid is here, i have 14 days to clear her medical checkup and apply the work permit for her. Feel so stressful!
  16. Simple Mum21

    How to cope with new indo domestic helper?

    ​Hi Mummy's, Last week i got a new indo maid to take care of my son who is 3years and to take care of the house. I want to seek advice from those of you have years of experience with domestic helpers. I want to know the do's and dnt for them. My current maid is from Surabaya indonesia. She is...
  17. C

    Transfer maid - Filipina

    Hi mummies, we are migrating in the next two weeks and would like to give my maid the chance to get new employment in Singapore. If you are interested to interview her, please sms me anytime at 9616 4581 so we could schedule it. Thanks.

    Baby sitter needed!

    Hi mummies! I need a babysitter preferbly a muslim to care for my kids age 2+ (very clever at understanding you) and my lil one age 2mths + at my home located at Bukit Panjang, Pending Rd. My hours are a little irregular, so it would usually be abt late afternoon till about latest at 10pm. Pls...
  19. tehsusu79

    Any part-time cleaning lady to recommend?

    Hi ladies, am looking for a P/T cleaning lady to come over once a week for about 4hrs. Any good & reliable ones that you ladies are using & would like to recommend? What's their rates like & can pls pass contact too? Am staying in Punggol area. Thanks in advance! :tlaugh:
  20. M

    Experienced Domestic Helper Available for Transfer

    My Filipino helper is 38 years old, widowed with 2 children. She has worked in Singapore for almost 7 years ( 5 years for the previous employer and finishing a 2 year contract with me). She will be avaiable for transfer from mid Feb 2012. Preference: Household Chores & looking after children...