How to cope with new indo domestic helper?

​Hi Mummy's,
Last week i got a new indo maid to take care of my son who is 3years and to take care of the house.
I want to seek advice from those of you have years of experience with domestic helpers. I want to know the do's and dnt for them.
My current maid is from Surabaya indonesia. She is 28 years and also have a 5year old daughter.
So far she is ok. But having problems communicating as she hardly understand english. She also has experienced working in Abu dhabi for 2years.
So far i have managed to give her timetable in eng and indo lang for her to follow.

But the most difficult part is that my son does not allow her to interect with him when we are at home. He dnt allow her to feed him, dnt allow her to go to his room. And sometime speaks rudely. Eg: why you are here? Go away! I dnt wnt to take to you!

I tried to have someone at home ever since she is here. She is a new maid so i dint feel that much of satisfaction to keep her and my son alone at home. But yesterday was the first day that i went to work leaving them all alone. But i guess she managed to take care of him well. And as she is a mother herself she cares for my son too. Although she is little slow in all other work.

I had a maid before her for 1year. She was 26 and from indi also. She was fine at the beggining. As she was a transfer maid she could speak little english and understand what are we trying to say. She was not marure at all! I gave her enough privacy yet she went astray. Started to show me black face. Woke up late from bed. Does household work late. And every month when she has her menses, she will make excusses of having cramps and sleeps for hours. At first i did give that ample time as i thought yes some woman have this problem every month. But gradually she continuied the same excusess and i got fed up and told her, even she have cramps or whatever she still stays at home to work. But what about us? We have to step out of the house to work for hrs and stay wih the pain. Than she used phones without my knowledge. Goes out of the house while i am still inside ny room sleeping. And etc..... And one day i saw her placing my son on a high rise chair and she went to the toilet. I saw this scene when i went out to buy something but had to go back home to get something. If i were not aware of that day i wouldnt have replaced her with someone else now....

Pls ladies if you think i really need to change my way of teaching them things do let me know. And alao how will i know whether they are obidient or a lier or stealer.... I am freaking out right now....



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For me I give my indo helper a schedule n she follow closely. As long as my son is well taken care of the rest like housework, I close 1 eye. If ur helper is good she will find ways to bond with ur son. It tk times for them to bond. I have CCTV at home to monitor. I expressed my expectation and house rules to her plainly. So far she is so good. Just hope it last. As for honesty, it tk time to judge.
Thanks mummy for the reply. Still having hard time between them. I just hope my son will accept her asap... If not i dnt knw what i will do... As i am working in airport with shift hours, its tough to monitor her. I hope she will follow whatever i have explained to her


I jus got an indo trf maid recently. At first her eng is v bad n she has phobia even caring my son. She had no exp although she had a daughter in indo. We train her closely for abt 3 wks n suprisingly she pick up quite fast. As she is my 2nd maid, my advice is try not to give them too much freedom like go downstairs buy thgs on their own, let them koe ur expectation on time to wake up n the chores tat she nd to do. Best to hv CCTV for monitoring while we r at work. I realized tt my 2nd maid is beta n more hardworking than e 1st one although she nd more training. For communication, can use google translate or draw. If poss open acct for e maid for salary crediting.