Transfer maid for hire.


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Hello all

I currently have an indonesian maid working with me and finishing her contract in 2 weeks time. I recently quit my full time job and decided to take the courageous step to be a stay at home mum to my 2 year old son. My maid has been taking care of my son from he was 2 month old and she also has experience in taking care children aged 3 - 5 years old before I employed her.

She does a wonderful job in taking care of my son and is very patient with his needs. She cooks for my son's meals as well. She is fast in completing house chores and communicates well with my son. She is trustworthy, always listening and carries out her responsibilities well.

The reason as to why we are looking for a new employee for her is because she still wants to work in Singapore for her family back home and since I have quit my job, I do not see the need to have a helper around.

Currently, her salary is $450 with 1 off day per week. If you do not want her to have any off days, you can pay her $470. She does not have any off days with us. She does not mind working with a non-muslim family. (We are muslims by the way. =))

If you are looking for a maid urgently, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Do email me at for more enquiries and if you want her biodata.

Thank you.