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I like to alert the community to a maid call Junanik, from Karanganyar Jawa Tengah, Indonesia. She has 4 kids, the youngest is 4 yrs old. This maid have no intention at all to fulfil her contract terms and is full of trouble! Dont be fool by what she says. She totally differs. She can say very nice and pleasing things to the ears but does otherwise. Every now and then she will give you problem, insisting to go back and telling lies like her mother is seriously ill. Even gave a photo of a 80+ lady lying in hospital to pass of as her mother who is younger than 60yrs old. She is full of lies and always flip flop in the things she says, quick to push responsibilty to others when things goes wrong . Always on the phone and she has many facebook accounts. Flirting with men online and always looking for a boyfriend. Very vain indeed. She even asked a 60+ man to be her boyfriend, hoping to fleece him out. The man rejected her. Always running into toilets to smoke secretly and taking sexy photos and posting on her facebook. Once she was ironing and was asked to cook. She told the employer to choose whether to cook or iron! If cook, then she will iron the next day and I am talking about lunch!
Now she is again giving problem about going back when her contract is still not due yet. Doing nasty actions to irritate us to send her home. She is total trouble!
In fact she have found a new employer, who lives in Bukit Batok, a old lady living with her grandson, suppose to start work in feb 2019. I wish you luck and hope you see this post.
Her past jobs are also incomplete contracts and now we know all her reasons are lies. Her way to get out, is to go embassy and cause trouble.
Do beware of this maid. Once she made enough, she will want to go back midway. They cannot do without man, want to go back to go new found boyfriend. And when you tell her cannot use the phone so mucb, she will tell you she cant! Total trouble. We have given her so many chances and treat her well. This is what you get from such bad attitude maid.
This is her in the pic but her real person look different cos this is totally photoshop