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Discussion in 'Eye Care Beauty' started by cendrine, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. cendrine

    cendrine Member

    Hi mummies,

    Has anyone tried before ?

    any recommendation ?
  2. LoVeS

    LoVeS Well-Known Member

    i haf frd doing it but it nt a perm thingy wor as in wont last more than 6mths i tink n it pretty ex~
  3. xiaodaisy

    xiaodaisy Active Member

    tink tis wk hdb taitai juz show on tv leh.. u got see mah?? last for 1mth like tat abt 50 ..
  4. Agnes Josephine

    Agnes Josephine Active Member

    I only did before eyelash perming... that only last me 1 month...

    haven't try eyelash extension before...
  5. LoVeS

    LoVeS Well-Known Member

    it doesnt last n not cheap lor~
  6. Agnes Josephine

    Agnes Josephine Active Member

    I think so... but still can try once la... :tlaugh:
  7. Ting

    Ting Well-Known Member

    ouhhh, i nvr try b4 leh...
  8. cendrine

    cendrine Member

    yea i have watched. but too slow to jot down the hp num, only knew her name is anner or something like that...

    actually 50 bucks lasted one mth, I guessed not bad ba.
    After all, it's strand by strand glued to the original lashes...
  9. Agnes Josephine

    Agnes Josephine Active Member

    it will only last one month provided seldom rubbing of eyes... cuz I think that Anner did mentioned it will last if seldom put mascara (cuz when removing the mascara, you have to use a bit of strength)... so I don't think it's worth lor... JMHO...
  10. LoVeS

    LoVeS Well-Known Member

    same thinking~
  11. cendrine

    cendrine Member

  12. Carol

    Carol Member

    Dun worry ! I got jot down the number . Lol . But dun think I'll try though . I'll be like too paranoid to even touch my eyes with 50 bucks eyelashes .
  13. aiko_meimei

    aiko_meimei Member

    yup.. did it at before... for onli 5o bucks!!! =p

    love it alot.. but 1st timer quite hard to maintain it...
  14. ct77

    ct77 Member

  15. Vivs29

    Vivs29 Member

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  16. aiko_meimei

    aiko_meimei Member

    jus went to did a newly eyelash extention after few month... this time round it will look better... but hopefully it will last for 1 month...

    done at at favenail as they had promtion for 68 at any type of eyelash extention. service not bad...
  17. maine78

    maine78 Member

    aiko, where's is favenail? Can i noe wat do you mean by "any type of eyelash"? izzit we get to choose wat kind of eyelash we want?
  18. maine78

    maine78 Member

    anyone can recommend cheap n good eyelash extension ? :tlaugh:
  19. usoowsin9

    usoowsin9 Guest

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  20. iceicebaby

    iceicebaby New Member

    hi mummies , i've noticed that this thread is dying ... so long since anyone posted here .. hope this thread will revive again ... anyway , i just want to rave about my eyelashes ... i went to do my free eyelash extension at angelxin beauty and I am perfectly happy with the results!! the reason why its free is because I did $150 worth of hair extensions .. its still their ongoing promotion right now , so mummies , go try it!!! It lasted for 1 month as promised& looks so natural! I recommend minmin from city plaza :Dancing_wub:... If you mummies are keen can call 98773886 for appointment!
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