Fengshui masters to recommend for Baby's chinese name?


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Yup.. in fact he will tell ur child life... but depends on whether u believe or not..I suppose ur child name is from e taimaobi is it?


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Yup. But only like send details and never sit down and listen.

You went to find master tan? How do you get to know him?


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I found my naming master for my son via smh forum and he is highly recommended plus he also do naming for forgot which tcs actor children, u can check with him la. He only charge $68 as a good luck token and I m given two reports with more than 50 name combi to choose. I tried to check if the names he gave are good via a free cn website and m glad that are very good. His email is wu.geomancy@gmail.com


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I eventually went to master long tian xiang located @ woodlands area. (just shifted there)

Costs $100 nett. Sit dw with u to explain his recommendations. Rather satisfied with his service.
Hi Hi Aquanark,
can you advise Long Tian Xiang's contact??



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should I believe fengshui masters, one thing I don't that why they can know all the truth, I don't believe there is such thing on earth.


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You can also check out www.getchinesenames.com run by Master Jiang.

Their name architects look alot more modern and help explain alot of things when it comes to picking the right chinese name for your baby
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Hi all,
For those who wanna know more about Fengshui or need some consultation service, you can look for this Master.


They provide:
1. Personality Destiny Analysis
2. Personal Career or Business advancement
3. Environmental (Feng Shui) Analysis for House or Workplace
4. Personal Date Selection

Please feel free to drop your Question to them, they will keep in touch with you for the rest.


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check out this chinese name generator. you can generate thousands of combination based on the chinese character itself