Help on successful breastfeeding for twins


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For my 1st child, I only manage to bf direct for 1.5 months (with nipple shield). Due to the morphology of my nipples, it was really difficult to bf direct so I expressed out till my daughter is 18months.

Now that I'm having twins due in end June, I would really hope to bf direct as long as I can.
1. Anything to prepare myself now till delivery for successful bfing?

2. There is a possible C-sect due to twins delivery. Any advice with bfing after C-sect? (Just so I prepare myself)

3. Any suggestions for 1st few weeks after delivery to regulate bfing for twins? Heard that football hold bfing can allow both babies to be bf at the same time. How to achieve having both babies hungry and be bf at the same time? Any special techniques?

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I delivered my twins via a C-section but was unable to latch them on right after delivery. I was having the shivers (a side effect of the epidural) and even had to skip their first nursing session to recover from it. Fortunately I was able to latch them up without much trouble there-after. Indeed, the football hold is recommended as it might be painful to cradle hold. It is, however, possible to cradle hold 2 babies and latch them on on each side. I used a breastfeeding pillow which helped a lot as I didn't have to hold them.

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Hi just to share with u, I delivered my boy through c-section. I bf my boy through the football hold as it is more comfortable. Cradle hold would cause pain on the wound and it is painful while your wound is still recovering. I switched to cradle hold after 1 month as the wound is healing and not as pain as before.

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I think it helps a little when you've got some experience with BF-ing. all the best!
Hi I jz gave birth to my twins in Jan 2012 n yes cradle hold does make the wound hurt more so football hold is more comfortable n let's u bf both at the same time. I bot the brestfriend twin nursing pillow whh oso helped but now they r too big for it so I dun use it anymore.

If ur looking for a twin nursing pillow let me kno as I'm willing to let go of mine. It's in really gd condition cos the twins were rarely awake tog so I dint have to really use it to feed at the same time.

Feel free to email me if ur interested at

Good luck w ur delivery!
hello..I breastfeeding my 1yrs.old daughter until now..and I plan to continue until she become 2yrs.old..Breastfeeding is better than to bottle of daughter grow healthy and flexible..and it can less your budget.:wong30:
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To feed the twins is little bit difficult. When you are feeding your babies make your hubby with you or someone else with you for help. If you are feeding to first baby then give the second baby to your partner to change the baby dress. You should should consult a paediatrician for each individual baby's requirements.
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hello mummies!

there's an event coming up on 20th April called "Challenges to Breastfeeding - Working it Out". It is organized by Breastfeeding Mothers' Support Group. Click on the link for more details on venue and timing. For mummies with twins or more, I encourage you to attend this event because they will give us advice about how to breastfeed for multiples. Believe it will be an enriching experience for all =)