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Discussion in 'Confinement Period' started by Huishan, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Huishan

    Huishan Member

    hi... hw long do i have to wait to b able to bath, go out, slp with air con or fan????
  2. Phoebii Cheng

    Phoebii Cheng Well-Known Member

    It depeends on yourself, are you doing confinement? If you are then it would be after 1 mth....but again it depends, some of us bathe cos' cannot stand the stickiness and also hair is too oily during the 1 mth, but after give birth, pls make sure you have adequate rest and nutrition whether or not you are doing confinement

    If you are not doing confinement, then I guess wait till your wound recover whether you r hvg natural or c-section. If you are hvg c-section, then better wait till your wound is dry and you feel comfortable then you go out and all...
  3. allycat

    allycat Active Member

    I bathed 2 days after delivery, then every 2-3 days, and almost everyday towards the last week of my confinement. Baby and I slept in aircon room since day 1.
  4. Huishan

    Huishan Member

    so does it means tat no matter we slp in air con, shower, n go outdoor, i must stil take the confinement food rite?
  5. allycat

    allycat Active Member

    Actually the main difference between confinement food and usual ones is the former uses more of ginger and seame oil and no garlic. But there are some food to avoid depending on which dialect group you belong to. Generally, just eat healthily.
  6. LoVeS

    LoVeS Well-Known Member

    i tink it is really up to individual person...sum ppl really wait until 28days after their confinement finish but as for me i 1st day alrdy in air con rm bcoz in hospital mah :tlaugh::tlaugh:
  7. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    I agree that it depends on what you're comfortable with. Those who're really strict would wait till 30days and some 40days.

    For myself, I showered and washed my hair at the hospital and thereafter I showered everyday when I got home without the herbs.
  8. joanneang

    joanneang Member

    my edd will be on june ,this cuming june.. luckily my mother in law is allowed me to bath after my third daes of my confinment if not i think i will die,haha.. now the weather is so hot, n i knw i cant take it wan..
  9. Renzie

    Renzie Well-Known Member

    I bath on the second day after my discharge with the herbal bath. After that practically everyday except once in a while.

    For me 1st day already in air-con room. According to my in-laws, they say its ok for air con but fan better not. Most important don't get cold, wrap yourself up, and I have to wear slippers around the house.
  10. Sheryl_goh

    Sheryl_goh Member

    Hi, I also take those herbal bath, i guess for singapore weather so hot, it is very uncomfortable not to bath. The stickyness may perhaps drive me depress, especially post-natal blue is rather high straight after giving birth. heehee. But i also agree with others to eat sleep well and eat well. If you really strict on not bathing, perhaps u can get those powdered shampoo. Oh and my baby start from the hospital already sleeping aircon from day 1. If u start off sleeping aircon with your baby, is better not to change the environment too often.
  11. Member

    Hi Joanneang ^^

    We do have the same edd.. Doc say mine is moslty 10++ june As im goin to delive @ M.A.H ...
    Nw the weather is super hot.. Even nw i bath up to 3 time day.. If im doin confinement i hope my mum allow mi to bath..:001_302:

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