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  1. MsKoh1973

    MsKoh1973 Member

    Who tried before?

    Which one better?

    Also brain gym, anyone knows the diff between the 4?
  2. GlynnisBaby

    GlynnisBaby New Member

    hi MsKoh1973,

    Are you interested in right brain training for your baby? if you are interested in right brain development then I suggest that you can reference teachings from makoto shichida. All of the above schools mentioned actually mix right brain and left brain development together.

    If you read on some right brain development methods from makoto shichida's teaching, you will realize that the way to teach your baby to purely only uses right brain is very hard. Thus sometimes schools try to train right brain with some left brain lessons.

    If you are really in to right brain development for your baby, you can try shichida but do just take their lessons as guideline for your baby's daily training. Or you can try right brain networks.
  3. plovem10

    plovem10 New Member

    My son has been in Little Neuro Tree coming two years, he is already 3 this year. Actually don’t really see much change in him (don’t see him getting smarter :001_302:), but because he like the class so we are still in it. And the lesson I find is about the same term after term little changes. Understand from other mother who is attending Shichida that after weekend class you also have to do a lot of program like flash card and such with your child at home to make this right brain thing work.
  4. MsKoh1973

    MsKoh1973 Member

    I have decided to conduct training myself at home everyday for my niece and gal. half an hour aday, oso dun need to be scare they sick and need to miss a class.

    But I still let them attend the class for phonics, cos I think reading is very impt, I only do some memory training at home, maze, words finding etc, hope will strengthen their memory as time goes by.
  5. don

    don Alpha Male

    I went for the first lesson of Shichida for my boy.. Can say that i am very impressed..
  6. angelasiah

    angelasiah New Member

    How impressed? I am thinking to enrol my girl to either Shichida or Little Neuro Tree. I wonder which one is better. Heard many mothers complained about the management of Shichida but my friend's daughter with Shichida since 2 years old until finished her whole program, is a smart, independent girl. So wonder is it because her girl is just born to be smart. :001_302:
  7. don

    don Alpha Male

    They start the lesson from "head to toe"..
    For a start,
    1. Song
    2. Flash card
    3.Memory work
    4. Activities to train hand coordination i.e use chopstick
    5. Story telling at different speed reading
    6. Different languages
    7. Test senses.. hearing, smell..

    It may seems a lot for your child but the program is organised in such an impressive manner that if your child can really learn, its good. However, most important we as parent need to interact and do some home activities with them daily.

    As for what to do daily, i have no idea cos the parent course have not started yet.

  8. BbpHir3

    BbpHir3 Active Member

    anyone noes wat's the difference between the Flashcards method that the schools use?
    I noe Little Neuro Tree n Shicida uses flashcards..
    n i came to conclude tat there's 2 flashcards methods..
    the Glenn Doman method n the Shicida method..
    anyone noe wat's the difference between the 2 method?
  9. MsKoh1973

    MsKoh1973 Member

    Think there are two type of flashcard memories
    1 - see for 10-20 s then try to recall
    2 - flash 3 X then try to recall

    can also use flash card to tell stories to enhance memory and to improve communications.
  10. Daddy D

    Daddy D Alpha Male

    End of the day, I feel the course is only as good as the teacher... that is, if the teacher is not good in delivering the lesson, or engaging the kids... the course will not be up to standard for that kind of price.

    Came across some teachers with atrocious English language... or classes that keep changing teachers... puts me off immediately.

    Not forgetting home practise... if parents dun make the effort to do homework with the kids, no point spending tat kind of $$ for enrichment.

    Luckily, my dd's teacher (Shichida) has been good n consistent... for the past 2 years... pretty impressed when I see my dd doing the poem recitation and linking memory (50 randoms words linked into a story) recitation. Different sets for every month.
    Me n dw take turns to practise with dd at home... but I can never memorise them myself! :p
  11. k-mom

    k-mom Member

    am also interested in shichida method. may i know how much these classes cost?
  12. jojoki

    jojoki Well-Known Member

    me also interested in this shichida..., wat age onwards can send them? n how much?
  13. BbpHir3

    BbpHir3 Active Member

    hengz your gal nv add your crapz into her story~~:tlaugh::tlaugh::tlaugh::tlaugh:

    i oso wanna noe~~~~~~~
  14. Daddy D

    Daddy D Alpha Male

    It's about $800 per term (3 months... Once a week... about 12 classes in all)

    I think some parents start from 1 year old... everyone has different preference bahh... my dd started around 2 yrs old.
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  15. don

    don Alpha Male

    True. my son also attending now.. at 2 years old..
  16. eagjwmom

    eagjwmom Member

    I did Glenn Domain Flashcards when my elder son was about 1.5yo, felt that it really helps him to read and recognised words at an early age, but I only did limited times of flashes and only in Eng as I was a FTWM then.

    My 5yo DD started shichida from 12months old, her peak of absorption was around 18months when she wanted more n more n i flashed 700+ pic cards to her on daily basis (of course many are repeated cards). Though she is still not so good at instant memory, she can recite 200 pics in 2.5min. She loves the classes and I think it helps her in terms of memory.

    Yes, i do very much agreed that it depends on a lot of factors. My DD is lucky enough to have very good teachers at Shichida, and home practice is very important too.

    I have also trialed my 9months old DD at LNT, to me, it is just a shichida replica in 3languages. I think that linguo concept attracts me, not the teachers there though..., as I am triligual too.

    I am a true Shichida method believer. in fact, the shichida method in jpn is a holistic approach, and in my opinion, the one in singapore only has its shape but definitely not the full spirit of it...

    However, I still think any of these can be beneficial to kids as long as they truely enjoy and follow up with it.

    In fact, there are many interesting materials to teach kids in Jpn nowadays, i have just brought a book that teaches maths to preschooler and lower primary using origami, very interesting indeed.

    I have ordered some more teaching materials from Jpn and now planning to teach my kids at home instead. Looking forward to that:001_302:
  17. babymickey

    babymickey New Member

    Hi All

    Just to share that my girl has been attending Little Neuro Tree at Parkway Parade shopping mall since Jan this year. She has been showing great improvement both in her concentration as well as the many class activities done in 3 lanaguages. :tlaugh:

    Previously, we attended a term of shichida and they changed her teacher few times within a term plus it's very commercialised there, unlike little neuro tree. :nah:

    Anyway, do check out Little Neuro Tree newly setup blog-spot below for more info:


    heehee!!! my girl appeared in one of their photos too... :001_302:
  18. starystarynite

    starystarynite Alpha Male

    Just to share my experience with LNT...

    My son joined their program since 9 months old. For 2 years. just withdrawn recently. Initially it was good. Teachers were good and materials are creatively made. Program coverage quite balanced.. My son improves quite a lot..

    But for the past few months the founder (David Ng) is involved in lots of problems. Financial problem i think. He owe ppl lots of money. Everyday there are debtors come to visit his centre to collect money. I heard from his admin that he has not paid salary to teachers for two months. and he owe supplier and parents money too.

    He also involved in police fraud investigation for cheating off investors money. As what i heard he owe invstors hundreds of thousands of dollars. And in very bad relationship with the current franchisee. many of them regretted for joining..

    Even see loan shark notice pasting everywhere sometimes.....scarry.

    Furthermore, from this terms onwards, few of the experienced teacher like jacqueline and also the chinese teacher from Shichida previously left LNT. So, now Bugis left with not muich experienced teachers.

    Anyway, i dun want my son to learn in such environment and i believe his teachers will not have the heart to teach too..

    so, i withdraw finally after much consideration...

    Still searching for replacement....Any recommendation?? I-genius is too expensive. and shichida has long waiting queue...
  19. happytrain

    happytrain New Member

    The rights of the Little Neuro Tree programme, together with the business of the Bugis Centre has been assigned to a new company - Happy Train.
    We are continuing to serve our supportive parents and students with utmost dedication and professionalism. Teacher Jacqueline together with Kawamorita sensei, Teacher Peiqin and Teacher Ivy are now with Happy Train. We will continue to strive to serve our parents and children with the same devotion and endeavour with the best enriching and quality programme. Anyone who wishes to join us are most welcome and should not be concerned with the problems of Mr David Ng since he has nothing to do with the new company. Moreover the building management has been informed to be more vigilant with the security of the premises.
  20. janelee

    janelee New Member

    How much did you pay to take over LNT? I guess you will no answer this, nevermind, the law will catchup with whoever trying to escape huge debt with a new sheep skin.

    Parents paying advance fee is taking a risk

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