Made in indonesia Nan pro 1???

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  1. cui_er

    cui_er Member

    Hi, i recently changed my daughter to Nan Pro1. I just bought her 3rd tin from ntuc yesterday and opened it today. To my surprise, the spoon inside is different. Then upon closer inspection, i realised this tin of nan pro is made in indonesia whereas the first 2 tins i bought was made in netherlands. And this tin doesn't have a "new" logo on it.

    How ah? Is it the same how come i bought an old tin from ntuc?? Wonder if can change or not... haiz
  2. Verona's

    Verona's Member

    Hello !

    my daughter also drink Nan pro 1 , what do your mean by the logo , i don't really look at it but i realised the spoon became orange one it was white one the 2 can i bought previously .. Is there a different or they just change the packaging ? :)
  3. izanyzam

    izanyzam Member

    My boy too is drinking Nan Pro 1..So far havent come across the tin made in Indonesia.. Will keep a lookout for it..!! Thanks for pointing it out sis..!!
  4. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    I only heard NAN Pro 1 made in Switzerland or in Malaysia. Never heard of made in Indo...

    I think you should bring it back to NTUC to check it out.
  5. izanyzam

    izanyzam Member

    Hello Mummies...

    A few days ago,i went to NTUC Eastpoint..Decided to take a peek at the Nan Pro 1 there..Saw it stated made in Philippines...!!! :err:
  6. cui_er

    cui_er Member

    Ya! Sorry!! It's not indonesia. It's phillippines.

    Verona, if your spoon is yellow means should be the phillippines one too. I realised i bought the wrong one too after seeing the different spoon. The logo is the one on the top left hand side. The ones made in netherlands have a "NEW" purple coloured logo. I noticed the one from phillippines don't have and the expiry date is nearer than the netherlands one. Think is old stock?

    diymummy, yes! I brought it back to ntuc and even though it's opened, they allowed me a refund as all their remaining stocks were phillippines stock too. It's weird cos i bought the netherlands Nan Pro from that ntuc before but now no more liao. Then i went to another ntuc opposite that ntuc and there left 2 netherlands nan pro so i bought them both. Their staff couldn't offer much explaination or help but said will feedback to nestle.

    Quite happy that they let me refund cos not say fussy or what, but aside from the spoon diff colour, the milk powder also look yellower. Scared later sudden change of milk the baby cannot accept it.
  7. Verona's

    Verona's Member

    OMG , don't scare me .. she have been drinking half of the tin already !! I got it from cold storage ... She is quite fine drinking it but recently her poo change to green & mudy , she pass motion once or twice a day i think most probably she drink more formula than bm .. Should i be concern ?
  8. Jonevieve

    Jonevieve New Member

    hi all,

    May I know how much your child is drinking? Based on the guidline stated on NAN tin, eg. If baby is drinking 150ml.. then total should only be 5 feed a day or u will based on baby's demand?

    My baby seems to be drinking more than 5 feed but some of the feed are EBM 150ml per feed too. I'm afraid my baby is drinking too much.
  9. autumn82

    autumn82 Well-Known Member

    The guidelines on the tin is just a rough estimation. Every child is individual. If your baby doesn't "mer-lion" out the milk, shows no discomfort, pee/poo fine, then you don't have to worry about overdrinking.. :)
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  10. Verona's

    Verona's Member

    My baby is 2 month plus now but still drinking 120ml sometimes after 120ml she can drink extra 40-50ml , i just feed her on demand . i also bf her so as long as she is full :)
  11. rioikinz

    rioikinz New Member

    Hi Mummies, my bb on nan pro 1 since birth too... but we noticed the difference in texture of the powder and after preparing the milk produces a lot of "bubbles".. :we2shocked: (the Netherlands one is quite "bubbleless") so we only let bb had 1 feed on it and rushed down to ntuc to find stock from Netherlands... we called nestle to clarify on this and the reply was that they are relocating their place of manufacturing and there will be no more from Netherlands.

    We dun feel good to feed bb with that much "bubbles" thus we had changed the formula after bb finished the Netherlands stock.:wong19:
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  12. xicloudix

    xicloudix Member

    I bought my 2 cans of nan pro from 2 different NTUC outlet, both are from philipines, did not realise it should be netherlands until saw this thread...

    So if the philipines version safe??? so far my baby has finish 1 can, nv tried other milk powder before, my baby currently 1 week + only....
  13. nsync_su

    nsync_su Active Member

    Yikes!!! I bought Nan Pro 1 too and its made from Phillippines too!! Tats y my baby cant really poo tat well. My daughter has been drinking Nan since she was born and its from Netherlands and sh has no problems poo-ing since baby. So when i bought the milk for my son, i DO notice the colour of the spoon and also the texture of the milk powder. Its more rough than made from netherlands. I think i will search for netherland next time i wanna buy. Not really tat concern as im breastfeeding him and only top-up formula couple bottles a day but still will change to netherlands.
  14. Verona's

    Verona's Member

    I am partial bf my baby , at least 4 times a day but more if i could .. When she is drinking the previous can of Nan pro 1 ( philipine ) Her poo become greenish but after her next can , which is now it became yellow & seedy .. i quite confused about it , is it because i latch on more thats why her poo changed back to yellow or because of the previous can of formula .. Hopefully nothing is wrong , i didn't really look at the texture .. Should i change her formula ?
  15. xicloudix

    xicloudix Member

    my baby poo is yellow and seedy too... he is currently on philipines version
  16. chiro

    chiro Active Member

    maybe you wanna call ava to verify and ensure that its safe for consumption? It should be safe though
  17. Verona's

    Verona's Member

    Hmm you partial feed her or full formula ? Very confused , she poo twice today , one time is creamy dark yellow another time is yellow & seedy ...
  18. xicloudix

    xicloudix Member

    full formula.... coz i till now no milk....
  19. izanyzam

    izanyzam Member

    My baby has been drinking Nan Pro since he was 1month plus..For the past few days,my baby hasnt been drinking much of his milk..He wont finish his whole bottle..And since yesterday,he TOTALLY refused his milk..!!! He seems constipated..Turning red every single time he's pooing..Till it makes him almost breathless just to get his poo out..!!! And this is the milk that was manufactured in Philipines...Also i noticed that the milk produces more bubbles than the usual one..The powder is also more coarse..I will "shoot" an email to Nestle..Im actually kind of irritated that the quality of the milk is compromised just because they have changed the country of manufacture..!!! :mmad:
  20. tangzcandy

    tangzcandy New Member

    Hi all,

    the different between Nan Pro 1 (netherlands) & (philippines) is that the one from philippines is more creamy & more bubbles. the one from (netherlands) is much beta... my gal is drinking Nan Pro 1 (netherlands). my mum ask her colleague to buy from m'sia which is much cheaper than s'pore. the m'sia one is made from philippines. my gal dont reali like it.. so plan to finish it & change it back to netherlands one instead. i tink there's some differences on the outside packing as well... just cant rem it now..

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