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  1. zj4

    zj4 New Member

    Dear parents,

    I am staying in the upper changi road area. Just move back to Singapore. My first boy is going to playgroup next year. Was comparing a few preschools at the current stage. My best friend's kids are in mindchamps. She recommended me mindchamps and are impressive with their curriculum. I was having dinner at Airport yesterday and saw the advertisement mindchamps is opening for registration in T3.

    Would like to seek opinions. Any members can share more???:)
  2. Mis1987

    Mis1987 New Member

    I also recommend Mindchamps.
    I have a 3 year old son and 2 year old daughter and they both attend.
    They are now more expressive and learning more and more everyday.
    Teachers are very pleasant and helpful. Hope this helps.

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