My 13 months old baby boy still cannot walk? Anyone have similar situation as me?


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Hi all,

I would like to know does anyone share the same experience as me as my baby is refusing to walk but he can walk with a aid of plastic chair.

He cannot walk without any support. Some times when he walk a couple of steps, he will sit down and start crawling.

I'm worried!!! :(

Can any one advice?

Thank you!
meng meng


hi meng meng, its quite normal, coz my boy (now is 8 years old), only started walking on his own at 14months 2 weeks. Before that is like a jellyfish...LOL. nothing to be worried about I think it comes naturally :)
my girl started walking at 18 months... it all depends on the child. when your child is ready, he'll start to walk. don't worry.


Hi Meng Meng, every child is different. My girl started walking at 14+ months. They will start walking when they're ready. When they start running, u'll wish they are still crawling... :)