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  • Dearest members,

    Apologies on my late reply because i just managed to return to Forum coz something happened to my family months back. Please bear with me because i might not reply to your queries promptly or your PMs. Thanks for your kind understanding.

    Dear Moderator,

    I've posted a new thread today, Kate Spade Noel wallet and Maryanne Tote. Please approve my post. Thanks!
    Dear Moderator,

    I've posted a new thread today, Babycity Cloth Diaper. Please approve my post. Thanks!
    Dear CanCanMum,
    I posted 2 threads today but don't see them. Can you kindly approve please? thank you.
    Best regards,
    Dear Moderator,

    I have posted 2 threads yesterday, wanting to sell an Aprica stroller & a Maxi Coxi cabriofix infant car seat. Kindly approve my posts.

    Dear Moderator,

    I've posted a new thread today: WTS Motor for baby cradle (yaolan) . Please approve my post. Thanks!

    Also, I have another thread: Brand new items for sale (Motorola Digital Baby Monitor & Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes) which was posted 2 weeks ago but it has not been approved. I'm not sure if you receive it. Please let me know so that I can submit again for your approval.

    Thanks lots!!
    Dear Moderator,
    I've posted 2 new threads in the forum for sale of Nan Pro 2 milk Powder. The 1st post was made in error. Can you please delete / disapprove my 1st thread? thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience caused. Thanks.
    Hi Cancan mummy. Any updates on this? Is there something I need to do to get this approved? Pls advise. Thanks!! :)
    Hi there,

    Thank you for approving 2 of my threads. However, there's 1 remaining thread which i posted on Baby Items where i'm trying to sell a toddler car. Please approve it. Thank you!
    Hi I have post 2 new threads to sell away Gucci Medium Tote Bag with Gucci Charms & Kate Spade Small Karen but only my KS post can be seen.Can you help to approve my Gucci Bag post as well? Thanks alot
    Hi, I think you are not doing your job. I have been sending my post for aT LIST 1 MONTH but yet to see it posted. Please be responsible as we mummies are urgently selling our items.
    Hi there,

    I posted 3 threads to sell 3 items since last week and it has yet to be approved. Please kindly approve it. Thank you!
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