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  • hello all, sorry for the delay in replying because i have been very busy at work recently settling many problematic issues.....

    let me check for u all these few days, meanwhile if its very urgent, u can send a PM to Edy for help.

    Thank you all for highlighting this to me~
    Dear Moderator,

    I made a WTS post on Friso Gold 2 and Mamil Gold 2 but it is not posted on the forum. I try 2 time yesterday and 1 time today. Can I Know if I break any rules in the forum.

    Sorry, if I break the multiple post rules as I did not see my post yesterday and I post it again. Today then I notice that the post have to approve by the Moderators. I did not know there is a change in the forum as previously the forum is different.

    Sorry again for the trouble.

    Thank you.

    My apologies.. didnt notice.. tat the thread needs moderator to approve. Tot my thread gone missing.
    Please approve mine. Title of my thread is "WTS: Preloved Coffee Table"
    hihi.. ive tried to post a thread (sale of jumperoo n other stuff) couple of days back but it still has nt been found... is it becos it is nt approve by moderator? kindly advise.. thanks..
    ehh.....thats weird.....can u paste the link of the thread that you have encountered problem on? I will try and see wad i can do....
    hello i realised that for Want to Sell forum u need to go into the Sub-forum to POST NEW THREAD

    Under Want To Sell, u have to pick the Sub-Forum (Baby items, Breast pumps etc) in order to start a new thread.

    Cannot go to Want To Sell to post a new thread directly.

    can u all try and let me know if it works?

    hi cancan mum

    i'm trying to sell my items in wts thread but cant seem to find 'new thread' to post. can advise?
    i recently hit the posting permissions problem. i may not able to post new thread as well as reply. pls advise what happen, thanks

    Posting Permissions

    * You may not post new threads
    * You may not post replies
    * You may not post attachments
    * You may edit your posts
    hey cancan mum
    if i wanna advertise my bows n flowers online thingie..which thread shld i post in?the business one?or the mummysg affliated?
    piang eh havent been here so long n the whole lay out is so different..
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